The Injured Bird {Guest Post @ This Southern Girl’s Heart}

Photo: Mary Lynch
Would you please join me over at my sweet, Blog sister Ashley’s place
as I share this special story about Trusting God?

I’ll start here and you can head on over there to finish, OK?
Thanks, friends!
It is early morning as I step out on the dewy grass in my slippers 
to fill the bird feeder in our back yard.
It is after all, a morning ritual. 
A daily reminder to me of His provision.
I usually put the coffee on, feed our family pets, 
then mosey on out with a pitcher of seed for our fine feathered friends outdoors. 
As I approach the feeder, the waiting birds scatter to the trees.
 I notice a tuft of feathers in the stones that surround our self made 
gathering place for the winged. 
I stand and the thought that I am gazing upon a dead bird enters my mind,
 arrow shooting sadness straight to the heart; 
but then I notice his head turning, strained with twisting, 
jerking to look up at me…
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Random Journal Day Link-Up {September}

photo credit: nuanc via photo pin cc

Welcome to Random Journal Day!
September 7, 2012

This is the first of our new Monthly Link Ups and I am looking forward to 
sharing from one of my journals this month with you- I will probably link up over the weekend.
I look forward to peeking into your journal as well.
We will be keeping the link open for most of the month so feel free to 
link up and invite others!

I have been perusing so many wonderful sights for creative journals lately.
I find the art and styles I see so inspiring.

I also recognize the unique way God has created and gifted each person.

I still love my words…the writing most.

Yet my spirit soars as I take in some of the lovely creations
 I see of colorfully, expressive, one of a kind journal pages.

One of them I have been enjoying thoroughly is
Dale Ann Potter.

I especially love that on her Facebook page she 

engages her followers daily by sharing what she is working on…
you must check out her beautiful journal pages!

Here are a couple that she worked on recently.

Dale creates the pages through a process defined generally as
 Book Altering and then journals after. 
The possibilities are limitless…

Random Journal Day is now the first 
Friday of the month!
The next dates are:
October 5, 2012
November 2, 2012

*You can use Susie’s Picture
with your post!

If you have a any questions contact us (Dawn and Susie) through e-mail:

Rules, Schmules…but here they are : 

1. Dig out one of your old journals, or a recent journal. 
Choose an entry, or a portion of an entry that you feel bold enough or at least comfortable to share. 
We prefer if you could include a picture of your journal if possible!

2. Write up your blog post, publish and link up here.
Link up the blog post you are sharing, NOT your general Blog address- so we can visit your entry. 
We don’t have a Badge for this Endeavor yet, but if you just link back to this in your post that will work.  (Random Journal Day Weekend Link Up) You can use Susie’s RDJ Photo if you like!

3. Kindly visit and comment on 
the person before you in the link up.

You can visit more but we understand that everyone is busy.
 Please visit at least one other Random Journal Day Link Up 

as that just would make it nice for all.

We look forward to peeking in your journals!
* This is a link for Journals of all kinds. 
However, in all fairness to those who are creating posts, 
this is not a link-up for general blog posts 
There are plenty of places to link up those in the Blogosphere.

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