The Master Planner {Guest Post-5 Minutes For Faith}

I am a planner. 
You will rarely find me without my trusty little companion which I dote over 
painstakingly planning the days and weeks ahead like a master chess player
 strategizing each move in a championship game.

It’s no surprise then when I see my day unravel, 
like a stray ball of yarn discovered and enjoyed by a playful kitten, 
I get a bit miffed. 

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31 Days of Faith Life Preservers

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Well I have decided to take the plunge. 
I will be joining in with Nester over at Nesting Place for the first time for a 31 Day journey. 
I have chosen to go with that which God has given me when I first pondered the question after journeying over to her site upon Lisa-Jo’s stellar recommendation. 
After realizing that I had plenty I could focus on to benefit myself and others,
 I considered the fact that the timing is bad. I have been pondering blogging less, not more. 
Yet there it was. The call. The challenge. 
Short notice. As of late a somewhat shipwrecked faith. 
Struggling to stay afloat here in some very tumultuous waters.
 I slept on it. 
Or should I say, I slept. 
Today the first thought I had was that I need to do this for me. 
So often God uses these opportunities- even THIS as a Life Preserver for my own faith! 
So casting my fears and reservations aside, I am diving in. 
Because I believe God will use the next 31 Days to keep me afloat.
 I will tell you that last year I did a 31 Days of Thanksgiving Journey in November. 
That was a turning point for my blog writing. 
Once I started writing for the blog daily, 
I never really slowed down. 
The past two weeks have been especially challenging. 
I have considered pulling back. 
Drawing the anchor in and drifting.  
I have thought about being quiet over here at this little corner 
that God has allowed me to bloom. 
But I am trusting God has other plans. 
I find myself unable to refuse His gentle nudges. 
I am trusting He has something to say to me, and perhaps you, too
Will you join me? 
I am not sure where it will lead. 
I cannot predict His Spirit. 
But I can step out in faith. 
And dive right in. 
Starting Monday October 1!
Join me daily, sign up, visit. 
Because friends don’t let friends sink-
They keep each other afloat!

See the pre-contemplative phase of the journey here:
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When You’re In Need Of A Life Preserver

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Life Preserver: (noun) A floating device that is designed to save you from drowning.
I feel myself sinking, deep.
Bubbles escape and my lungs fill with water.
I am seeing the surface yet, submerged.
Conscious but slipping.
There is something floating above the surface.
If I can just reach it.
But I am feeling pulled towards darkness.
The light is growing dim.
One red ring floats, my hope.
Who will save me from this fate?

Friends, I realize lately that God has been sending me Life Preservers along my life’s journey.
I am pondering this fact as I consider whether or not I will participate in an upcoming Blog Challenge.
I am not sure whether I will or not, but I want you to go ahead and see 
if this is the right time for you to join in! 
As I pondered possible topics for the challenge and my current life circumstances,
 the thought of Faith and a Life Preserver came to my mind. 
I am looking back and seeing so many of the trials and difficulties I have endured had specific, what I want to call “Life Preservers” for the time. I am not one who believes that life is all rose tinted glasses and lollipops. Perhaps you have been through some difficult times yourself.
The longer I live the more certain I am that no one gets out of this life unscathed. 
We all carry our secret scars don’t we?
I believe that God is not a God who takes lightly that which we endure.
I don’t believe He is insensitive to suffering, nor does He enjoy tolerating evil.
But both can be used for His purposes, means and ends.
One of the Life Preservers He gave me this week came through His Word.
Psalm 16
Preserve me, O God, for in you I take refuge.
 I say to the Lord, “You are my Lord;
    I have no good apart from you.”
 As for the saints in the land, they are the excellent ones,
    in whom is all my delight.
 The sorrows of those who run after another god shall multiply;
    their drink offerings of blood I will not pour out
    or take their names on my lips.
 The Lord is my chosen portion and my cup;
    you hold my lot.
 The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
    indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.
I bless the Lord who gives me counsel;
    in the night also my heart instructs me.
I have set the Lord always before me;
    because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.
Therefore my heart is glad, and my whole being rejoices;
    my flesh also dwells secure.
For you will not abandon my soul to Sheol,
    or let your holy one see corruption.
 You make known to me the path of life;
    in your presence there is fullness of joy;
    at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.
Lord may we recognize the little Life Preservers you send our way to keep our
 faith afloat during trying circumstances.
Thank you that your love and faithfulness does preserve us when we feel ourselves sinking.
 Thank you that in Jesus you sent the one most important Life Preserver of all. 
Thank you that because you are before me I will not be shaken. 

Grasp {5 Minute Friday}

Wondering if she grasps the scope of what she has done.
I still can’t wrap around it. It’s like a dream.
A bad dream.
It begs the question of where one draws the line between considering doing something to actually doing the something one is considering.
Thirty police officers searching.
Three districts.
Two distraught parents.
One young girl.
What was she thinking?
This girl who does not want to walk one mile in school, who ventured eight miles from home.
Evading all.
She was safely returned.
Tears of thanks and joy.
Yet, I still wonder and know she does not grasp the scope of it.
But, she claims she will never do it again.

Five Minute Friday

Heaven…{Wordless Wednesday}

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