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So today Lisa- Jo has given us the word, change to write for 5 minutes on. One prompt, five minutes, unedited (OK- I confess, I always hit spell check at the end, it’s a habit-sorry Lisa-Jo), uninterrupted.
It is my Friday five minute Bliss. And sometimes I have to guard it as if it were 5 million dollars. Because really, if others are awake, it can turn into 5 minutes of frustration, guilt and quitting until later. So I sneak into the office in the quietness of morning and here I am! 
I always wait for the computer clock to give me my time: 7:21- Go
Change. It’s God’s way of reminding me he will not let me live a life of complacency. It’s our secret code where He seems to say: Gotcha. I feel like He enjoys doing these things to me. Bringing me into change seems to be the way He shows me things I never knew before. About myself, others, and most of all His power in my life. 
I open the e-mail and feel that feeling. What? You want to know if I am interested in leading the Ladies Bible Study once while you are absent? I love the study! I love the Ladies! I love to hide in my seat and occasionally add a joke, a thought or some other interjection. Safe.
I remember the day I walked into the new Christian school my Girl would attend, two years ago. I was so excited to know there was a Moms In Prayer group and I had heard the leader was wonderful. I ran into her upon exiting and she said to me on that fateful day. “Oh, I will not be here next year”. 
God again, leading me into that dreaded word. Change.
Which in the end, stretches and brings joy and confidence in Him and His ways. 
Stop- 7:26- Darn- I was just getting going! 

Join us? 

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