More Reasons My Hubby Is Awesome {Why You Need To Make A List}}

Awhile back I wrote a post titled  The Top Ten Reasons Why My Husband Is Awesome.
You know, marriage is not easy. 
We all have our own little quirks and life can leave us a little nearsighted
 with regard to those who are closest to us. 
Specifically our husbands. 
But the beauty of our relationship with Christ is that we have the power, possibility,
and provision to have a marriage that glorifies Him, because 
He makes all things possible, for those who believe and are willing to 
lay down their own rights to themselves for something so much more divine. 
(Philippians 4:13, 2 Peter 1:3, John 3:33)
But still, I prefer he brushes his teeth in the morning before 
my morning kiss even though that does not always happen. 
Moving on.
I felt I needed to update my list with a picturesque fun addition.
My hubs is on vacation this week and he is working on an
 extreme room makeover for our Girl!
Another reason he is awesome!

He Rocks My World
I love rocks. I see so much God in them. It’s just my thing.
So this year while in Maine visiting Coos Canyon, my hubby
 hid this away in his pocket for a full 24
hours before showing me his special find!
That is big for him, he barely can contain himself when it comes to giving
 things to his loved ones! And he wrote the little love note on it , too.
I know, say it: “awwww”.
He Enjoys My Goofiness
We laugh a lot. About ridiculous, silly things.
Since I am an expert goof, this is good.

He Adds Beauty To My Life
& Sweet Surprises 
(which I sometimes don’t notice until he tells me)

Case in point. I had picked some flowers and put them on the table.
The next day my hubby added the two small glasses with Black Eyed Susans.
As I putzed around the kitchen he finally asked if I had noticed anything.
 Um, no, course I did not.
But when I did, I was reminded of his 
thoughtful touches of beauty
which he is always adding to my life.
 He’s Patient With Me
and Doesn’t Mind The Occasional 
PB & J!
Sometimes he gets this in his lunch.
And he is OK with that.
Seriously, he puts up with this
 Give that man a HALO! 
Now I have an assignment for you, ladies:
Make your own list of the reasons why your husband is 
the awesome and sweetest guy 
God gave you and relish it and him. 
Let’s bring glory to God by making sure we 
enjoy the husbands God has given us.
Even when our eyesight is a little off.
Maybe even More so then. 
Go, make your list!

My Sweet Stack of Books {What’s On Your Nightstand?}

Well, the slowest reader in the Blogosphere is creepy crawling her way through her giant book piles and looking forward to cold days ahead snuggled up with a few good books.

Currently I am enjoying:

  The Jesus Calling Storybook 
by Sally Lloyd JonesI have heard wonderful things about this beautifully illustrated,
award winning children’s Bible and it is living up to it’s theme “Every story whispers His name”.
I am looking forward to sharing it with my Sunday School class.

A Sudden Glory
(God’s lavish response to your ache for something more) by Sharon Jaynes- From the publisher’s page: “In A Sudden Glory, Sharon uses Scripture and story to help you erase the line between your “spiritual life” and your “daily life” as you enter the sanctuary of God’s presence even in the middle of your busy, messy day. Here you will find your eyes opened to moments of sudden glory in which the Creator assures you of His love as you live and move and have your being in Him. Here you will discover true freedom—the freedom of experiencing God in a deeper and more intimate way than ever before.”
I am reading this one for review but already love this lady’s take 
on our God’s glory and passionate pursuit of us. 

Tough Guys and Drama Queens
(How Not to Get Blindsided by Your Child’s Teen Years)-by Mark Gregston
Have not started but am looking forward to this one from my friends at Booksneeze!

“Parents of preteens and teens can move from scared to prepared with a new approach to parenting their adolescents.Parents of preteens intuitively know that no matter how good their kids are, there is turbulence ahead. Many feel lost and unprepared as they watch the damaging effects of culture collide with their child’s growing pains and raging hormones.For the past 35 years Mark Gregston has lived and worked with struggling teens and knows what it takes to reach them. He says, “A parent’s success has little to do with either the validity of their words or their intent as messengers, it’s more about how they approach their child and engage with them.”

31 Days of Praise by Ruth Myers
This is one of those books I have been pining to get for a while.
I will use it for my quiet times in the New Year or sooner.

Praying The Names of Jesus by Ann Spangler
I really enjoy this writer and have a couple of other books by her that I employ in preparation for
leading my Moms In Prayer group and also for my personal quiet times.

Recent Reviews:

Bringing Up Girls by Dr. James Dobson for Tyndale
How I forgave My Molester by Melinda Todd (This was the first book review I had written.
I wanted to share with my readers and those who may be interested in
this excellent book on difficult topic)

What’s On Your Nightstand, Friends? 
Join in and check out some great reads!
What's On Your Nightstand

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