Spiritually Stretched {5 Minute Friday}

Stretching. My mind goes to both the literal and the physical.
 I consider how God uses everything to teach us. Wastes nothing. 
This past year I have been stretched. 
My faith has been stretched. 
My expectations and preconceived ideas about faith and have also been stretched.
 But here is the thing. 
When a muscle is stretched, it is with the goal to maintain flexibility. 
To keep the muscles pliable, lengthened. 
 I can’t help but think of the spiritual applications of stretching as well. 
The fact is muscles have limitations from a physiological and kinesiological perspective. 
There is a safe and healthy range of motion based on the design 
of the bones, tendons, joints, and ligaments. 
Basic, yet unique and varied for each individual. 
So God also allows us to be stretched. 
It is always with the purpose of bringing health & flexibility to our faith lives. 
As we are stretched by trials of adversity we grow in grace, 
stretched beyond what we may have believed possible. 
But made healthier, spiritually by the experience.

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