Dear Younger Me {Faith Barista Jam}

Bonnie, over at Faith Barista has returned somewhat to the blogging world. I really am so happy to see her take a step of faith and return to her online community after a break. She is on a journey, as we all are. It is important for her, and each one of us to keep our ear attuned to the beat of the drum of the One we follow. May Bonnie be blessed in her spiritual journey, healing and faith life as she continues in His grace one step at a time. Thank You Bonnie, for sharing and caring for us in the Blogosphere! Bonnie has given us a unique prompt this week for her Faith Barista Jam. Perhaps you might like to write and join in!
Here it is:
“What I Know Now”
Write a letter to yourself at an earlier time in your life. 
Share what you know now about the faith journey with your younger self.
 Your younger self can be any age you feel prompted to address. e.g. “Dear Jane, ….”.
~Bonnie Gray
Dear Younger Me,

I see you desiring to please God and that is good. 
Really good. 
I see your zeal and your enthusiasm.
 Do you know these are gifts?
 No, I don’t think you do. 
Do you know that God created you and despite every label that has been pinned on you, 
He calls you Beloved. Beautiful. Cherished. Precious. 
Do you know that everything you fear and all you hold dear will seem small as your vision of eternity is enlarged? 
Do you know that one day you will not shake when Goliath stands before you, because you will remember the many Goliaths before that He has taken down with your mustard seed faith, 
which will go on to move mountains. 
By His grace. 
Do you know that you will be a stranger to yourself in many ways, 
as He conforms your mind to His and molds you in His image? 
Yet, you will be freer than the highest flying birds of the air, soaring to heights you cannot imagine today.
 Do you realize that your desire for knowledge, truth and wisdom will be met 
completely in the riches He bestows upon you. 
That He will claim you as His own forever and it will make everything else be enough. 
The elusive word that steals satisfaction from the souls of many.
 But it shall not be that way for you. 
He will be your joy and it will be enough. 
When the marriage you anticipated falls short of the dream. 
When those you love turn on you. 
When you have nothing and when you have abundance, 
you will still have enough, 
because He lives and it is enough. 
He will be all that you need to find the strength and the power to live
 the life you could never have imagined, but the one He knows full well. 
As He has written your destiny in the stars. 
And though you weep through many trials, 
He has embedded your heart in His, and His heart in yours. 
He will never leave or forsake you anymore than He would leave Himself.
He is Faithful and True. 
These names, you will cling to in the days ahead and 
He will make Himself known to you in 
ways that will delight your spirit, heart and soul. 
You will see better as you walk with Him. 
You will hear between the words that are spoken. 
You will learn to listen better, too.
I would only cheer you on this journey and remind you of His great love for you, 
and recall that His mercies are new every morning. 
I would tell you, that you are dear to Him. 
And He longs for your company. 
But He also is with you at all times.
 The sweetest secret to “success”  in this Christian Life, if there is one, 
is found in the abiding.
 Just abide in Him. 
Grow in the awareness of His presence and you will find 
your joy, peace and every other possibility,
 right there wherever you are. 
You don’t need to run to the mountains, or hilltops or church buildings.
 Just run right into His arms, where you are. 
Cling to Him, hide in Him, draw from Him, drink of Him, eat of Him, be consumed by Him and know what it is to truly live. 
I promise He will never let you down. 
This is what I know now. 
This is what you will come to know in Him, by Him, 
for Him and through Him.
This shall come to pass. 

“If you have ever pictured God as a distant wrathful Being, 
you will have to reconsider that portrait in light of Jesus Christ, 
who is God bending toward us, 
God becoming one of us, 
God reaching out in mercy, 
God humbling himself, 
God nailed to a cross, 
God rising up from the grave to show us the way home. 
Jesus, name above all names, beautiful Savior, glorious Lord!”
 ~ Ann Spangler

photo credit: Roger Lynn via photo pin cc

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