At Which Point God Shows Up For Coffee {Connect}

Well Friends, as you know Friday is the day I write for five minutes for 5 Minute Friday over at Lisa-Jo’s place and I want to invite you there if you have not already ventured on over! I love these prompts and even the five minute limit. Lord knows, I need limits! Well before I start I want to just link last weeks post because this week our writing prompt is Connect, and my friends there is a divine connection related to my last 5 minute Friday post (in case you have the urge to know more, or want a retake: it’s HERE).
I am sitting across the table ordering coffee.
The third “connection” with possibility.
Listening for the catch. Waiting for the confirmation.
Leery, yet hopeful.
He looks back at me, this partner of the person I first interviewed with last week.
I am pleased with the manners, communication and consideration displayed.
But, hesitant.
The breakfast meeting goes long.
He orders toast, I can’t even think of food.
I just want confirmation.
Then the question. Availability.
Only not available one day when I volunteer at my daughter’s school.
He leans in.
Do you mind if I ask what you do there?
I sheepishly (shame on me) confess
Meet with a group of Moms and lead prayer.
At which point God reveals our true connect.
In Him.
To our amazement and joy.
Deal sealed.

Five Minute Friday

Random Journal Day Link Up/Blog Hop #20

Welcome to Random Journal Day! 

Hello, Fellow Journal Keepers, Artists, Writers and Friends!

Well today I have a special treat!
I wanted to give you some inspiration and let you know of a friend in our RJD community
who also has a Journal Link Up.

If you have not had a chance to visit Marcia, she is an amazing mixed media artist and MORE
who oozes with creative passion and I so enjoy her “Dabblings”.
Marcia says, “I live an ARTFUL life, trying to be creative every day.  Finger painting with my toddler, art journaling during naps, snapping photos on our excursions and teaching art in my day-to-day job allows me to stay in touch with my expressive side constantly.”

Marcia Beckett

Although my focus is writing, when it comes to my journals, sometimes they look like scrapbooks or doodle pads. I don’t know about you but I really enjoy the Artists who link up their Art Journal Pages, because they so inspire me with their unique creative portion. I encourage you writers to check out the link even though you don’t consider yourself “artistic” in like manner. I believe we rub elbows together and magically enlarge one another’s vision just in the sharing, viewing and appreciating.

Check out her eye candy pages!

I just love this one! 

Hope this gets your creative juices flowing!
Make sure and visit and send some 
Random Journal Day Love her way!

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