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Ode To A Deadbeat Dad

Ode To A Deadbeat Dad

You claim the name father,
You are a gnat
and less than that.

For a father is a precious and beautiful creation

self sacrificing

No, you are not worthy of that name-

try these:

Oh, now these do fit you well
They are not hidden from discerning eyes…
though you deceive many
wrapping yourself in lies
and a toothy grin-

There is One who sees all.
Who is merciful, mighty and more

But it is Him you abhor
along with all who bear His name.

Clinging to hate and death
your anger fuels your insignificance
You need to lay blame…

Convenience serves those who bow to lesser gods –
idols and fools serve you well
in the place you dwell

but as for me
I will trust
He who guarantees safe passage
and suffers fools for only a season.

“Since they didn’t bother to acknowledge God, God quit bothering them and let them run loose. And then all hell broke loose: rampant evil, grabbing and grasping, vicious backstabbing. They made life hell on earth with their envy, wanton killing, bickering, and cheating. Look at them: mean-spirited, venomous, fork-tongued God-bashers. Bullies, swaggerers, insufferable windbags! They keep inventing new ways of wrecking lives. They ditch their parents when they get in the way. Stupid, slimy, cruel, cold-blooded. And it’s not as if they don’t know better. They know perfectly well they’re spitting in God’s face. And they don’t care—worse, they hand out prizes to those who do the worst things best!”
Romans 1:28-32 The Message
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“In the end, that’s why we’re drawn to write, 
I think, to chronicle, in our own ways, 
the adventures and tales of our lives and worlds that matter, 
so they won’t be forgotten, 
and like the characters in them,
 it really isn’t something we choose–
it’s just the job we know we must do, 
and we can’t turn back if we want to do it right.”
 Joy Ann Jones of dVerse

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