Post-Maine Monday: A Taste of Maine Post

The best things are nearest: 
breath in your nostrils, light in your eyes, 
flowers at your feet, duties at your hand, 
the path of God just before you.
~ Robert Louis Stevenson

Vacation: Check!
We returned just about 11:30 PM on Saturday from our Maine vacation.
Yesterday, I had an overwhelming urge to sleep which I just couldn’t shake. 
Even though my Pastor’s message was about one of my favorite Bible characters (David) and his teaching and preaching right on, I caught myself nodding between notes and quotes!
 It was all I could do to stumble home to bed after. 
I am feeling re-energized today and have been tackling the laundry, organizing, unpacking. 
Well although I had  My Maine Bucket List, the week was overflowing with God’s own Bucket List for us. 
Oh, friends, I am richer today because of my week away, which was a sweet gift from God. 
I am grateful for the prayers of those who lifted us and we were blessed in so many ways.
Here I will share some SNIPPETS of our Maine vacation.
Finally arriving…
A delicious gift was delivered to our cabin by our
 thoughtful Maine-iac friends!Yes, it was Good!

I adored this mug and drank from it every morning.
Quiet time by the lake, gazing at the mountains…
This was our very own private beach (more or less) 
and I sat here in the morning and listened to God’s voice
whispering sweet peace to my heart through His beautiful Creation.

My Girl standing in Coos Canyon: Byron, Maine

This is Angel Falls- we hiked in and it was quite a nice hike.
The falls are deep into the woods- a hidden gem.
Afterwards we enjoyed, ice cream and milk shakes
 at the Coos Canyon Gift shop.
Yum. Vanilla milk shake for me. Just fessing up. 

We enjoyed some canoeing.
Although when Hub and I do stuff like this,
it really should be filmed for “How Not To Communicate” OR
a horrid Sit Com about marriage.
The banter is such that I am
 grateful God didn’t tip us just to teach us a lesson.
We got it together. Eventually.

Relaxation – a whole new level. 
A barn turned bookstore. Treasures here, I tell you!

Visited my favorite garage for treasures and bought these!
These were for making my first Altered Books.
 I thought the girls needed a craft for a rainy day-
 Although rain did not come,
we still started our Altered Maine Books 
which I will share in a later post!

My Girl and I enjoy a sunset canoe ride.

Bike ride to Mt. Blue Trading Post for some…what else- Ice Cream!
My Hub and Girl ride-I walked and picked flowers on the way back.
God also gifted me when I surprised a White Tailed Deer- much to my joy!

My Girl, The Duck Whisperer…

Final Sunset…Friday the 13th.
Last moments on the beach with friends before leaving.
Tubing and Jet Skiing…so much laughing.
One final view of the cabin as we left…

See you next year! 
A special thanks to our lovely Hosts:
Dummers Cottages
(I will be featuring these beautiful cabins in an upcoming posts.)

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I Lift My Eyes

I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
    where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord,
    the Maker of heaven and earth.

Psalm 121:1-2

I have spent the last week in Maine mountain gazing…
this verse seemed so appropriate to share!
It brought to mind one of my favorite songs as well,
so I pray it blesses and encourages you!

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Pennsylvania Memories (RDJ #16)

Home from vacation and sharing a 4th of July post I had wanted to get out earlier and did not finish – BUT since it has been on my heart and I was enjoying the memories before my Maine vacation, I figured better late than never!
My dear friend and sister in Christ, shared her family heritage and hometown with me when we enjoyed a couple of 4th of July road trips to her hometown of Kutztown, Pennsylvania. They are some of my most precious memories ever! 

Without further adieu for your Journal Peeking Pleasure, here it is:

July 4th, 1997
Well here I am in Pennsylvania with Sara.
I’m actually in bed right now-Sara is on the floor sleeping.
 (wow, talk about a good friend! yeesh- I forgot about that!)
We are at her grandmother’s house; we got here a little after midnight last night. 
I only met Sara’s grandmother briefly because we woke her up to let us in. We left around 5:00 PM and went [to Gregs] for a bite – we were both excited by this point. We actually stopped in Mystic, Connecticut to get Ice Coffee and enjoyed the scenery. On the ride we talked, joked, read the Bible (I read while Sara drove) and just shared a lot…there’s something about a road trip that makes or breaks a friendship. I remember the ride to New Hampshire with B— …superficial, flat, and the ride here with Sara was as I prayed it would be-an opportunity for us to get closer. 
Driving the back-roads here in Pennsylvania last night it was very dark…I could see the firebugs lighting by the thousands- it reminded me of Smithfield (RI) only even better. The way everything here is so wide open and the sky filled with stars just covers the earth like a dark black blanket speckled with white. We passed lots of corn fields and wheat and clover. Sara was extra patient with my behavior for the whole 5-6 hour ride which is Post Traumatic Driving Syndrome – I’m just not a good passenger. 
I really felt blessed that she is good about it and doesn’t get angry.
Anyway the house, although it was dark is so cool, old and full of old stuff. The yard is huge.
There’s a faint smell of moth balls and something else…not sure but, I love it here.
We slept in an upstairs bedroom that has a porch, we left the door open all night. The sound of crickets and wind through the trees, also freight trains go through this sleepy town. It’s so awesome!
Sara and I got in our room and were getting ready for bed…there is old antique furniture (just like Smithfield) and on the mirror there’s a picture of Jesus knocking at the door. Also we found some Bibles and a book from her Great – Grandmother’s funeral service and we were both amazed when we read it. It was an amazing witness and testimony to Jesus Christ! So we read it and then we knelt together and prayed first myself, then Sara…it was so good!
And then the this morning the sun rise shining through the trees outside the porch…and I love that so much!

Anyway I have no idea what time it is because my watch stopped last night at 10:40 PM!
Oh well, doesn’t matter because we’re on vacation!

It;s so obvious God has blessed us on this trip together.
I just know it.
He is awesome and amazing.
He blesses those who have faith in Him.

Another little peek into my unedited ramblings…

This is the journal and some of the photos I took while visiting.
Sara’s Grandma’s house
(where we stayed) is on the top left side.

Sara hails from Kutztown, Pennsylvania

Sara introduced me to the Corn Bin and my first thought was –
 “Can we jump in?”
We did and then a little mouse ran out 
and sent us into shrieks and giggles!

This is the little picture of Jesus knocking that
I described in the entry.
When we were leaving,
Sara’s Grandmother bestowed it upon
 me as a gift,
 as she saw how fond I was of it-
it sits on my desk to this day!
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