Who Needs A Vacation Monday?

Are you raising your hand?
Did you stand up, 
seat knocking back right out from under you, 
saying, “I do, I do!”

Well, my friend, me too!
This week as you read these words, 
we are tucked away in a cabin 
by a pristine, peaceful, picturesque 
lake surrounded by mountains in beautiful Maine.

I will be soaking in the sunrise and enjoying 

every precious moment that God gives me.

I will gain new perspective.

I will see some old friends.

I will enjoy some quality time with
 these two crazies.

I will eat some of these.

I will sit by this most every night…

Perhaps make some memories with these folks, 
who are responsible for us becoming Maine-iacs!


I will be renewed, refreshed, relaxed and 
restored. This is my hope.

(course you know I will have my journal!)

If you could kindly pray for this family as we travel and come together for a much needed vacation together, 
I would appreciate it!

241. a family vacation 242. the beauty of the present moment 243. the hope of restoration 244. the power of choice 245. freedom to choose in every situation, how I will respond 246. the Holy Spirit
247. insurmountable joy because of Him

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