What Else Matters? (RJD #15)

Recent journal page! Friends, The above came from a recent journal…so recent I won’t even share EXACTLY when! But this week, I am sharing a little scribble from a recently shared journal (shown below). It is what I need to remember tonight… perhaps you do too? What Else Matters? Time to pray Time to writeContinue reading “What Else Matters? (RJD #15)”

Random Journal Day Link Up #15

Welcome to Random Journal Day!   REMEMBER to Link your post back to this URL directlyso others may find us and participate!(just click on the title of this post and link that to your RDJ entry) If you have a any questions contact us (Dawn and Susie) through e-mail: dawn.paoletta@gmail.com  bsusieklein@gmail.com Rules, Schmules…but here they areContinue reading “Random Journal Day Link Up #15”