The Dance

I see you dancing before me, my sweet girl. 
Completely free. 
Those early days you felt unhindered. 
Confident. Innocent. 
I see me, seeing you. 
Free, satisfied. What joy in my heart. 
I birthed beauty. 
A mystery. Beyond words. 
It breaks me in half, tears me in two. 
Often choices that never beckoned me, shriek out from the sidelines. 
Referees in my mind offering up rules, regulations, penalties. 
We learn together this parent-child relationship. 
Awkward like steps to a dance, unknown. Stepping on toes, tears. 
Frustrating moments and laughter, too. 
The desire to stomp out. 
Still stronger the longing to stay, and master each moment. 
Pressed close.
This dance…
In case you are unsure about my little writing excursion, 
then just head on over to Lisa-Jo’s place:
Five Minute Friday

Random Journal Day Link Up #14

Welcome to Random Journal Day! 

OK, I realize for some reason I mess up RJD by 
spelling it RDJ by accident! Sorry!

Some RDJ news:
If you check out the LINKS tab at the top of my blog you will find our 
Random Journal Day Home base
This was to help others easily find a description as well 
as archive all of our RDJ Link Ups in one place!
Feel free to send anyone 
who might be interested there- Enjoy!

Thank you all for taking part and sharing. 
Susie and I are so grateful for each of you being willing to 
open up your hearts and journals here with us.
I hope you are enjoying it!
It really has been a wonderful blessing for us.


Link up your journal post when you can anytime during the week.
Check out the other journal links and 
be sure to leave some feedback.
I look forward to digging in my stack and sharing, 
and also peeking into your journal pages!

 REMEMBER to Link your post back to this URL directly
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If you have a any questions contact us (Dawn and Susie) through e-mail:

Rules, Schmules…but here they are : 

1. Dig out one of your old journals, or a recent journal. 
Choose an entry, or a portion of an entry that you feel bold enough or at least comfortable to share. 
We prefer if you could include a picture of your journal if possible!

2. Write up your blog post, publish and link up here.
Link up the blog post you are sharing, NOT your general Blog address- so we can visit your entry. 
We don’t have a Badge for this Blog yet, but if you just link back to this in your post that will work (Random Journal Day Weekend Link Up) You can use Susie’s RDJ Photo if you like!

3. Kindly visit and comment on the person before or after you in the link up. 
You can visit more but we understand that everyone is busy.
 Please visit at least one other Random Journal Day Link Up as that just would make it nice for all.

We look forward to peeking in your journals!

*This Link will start on Friday and go through the week. Link up anytime before the next Friday (Thursday night when I get around to it)

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