Beach Baby (RDJ #13)

8 month old Katherine with me on Narragansett Beach.
I couldn’t resist taking a different route today, as I perused my journal. 
I am doing a double duty share today!
I came across the entry (brief and light!) about my daughter’s first  full fledged beach outing.
As someone who used to grab her beach towel, journal (of course) and one measly beach bag- I was shocked by how much work it was as a new, first time mom to have a simple day at the beach!

I had also scrap-booked this in her baby album so I figured I would 
share that as well! Kind of gives an “In front” and “Behind the scenes” perspective! 

Thankfully, I had Kat’s “Fairy Godmother” and super experienced, PRO-Mom, 
Sandy (pictured on right side of lay out) to help and teach me the ropes
of beach going with baby! 

You know writing when she was young sometimes meant brief entries.
I actually have a few where I fell asleep writing.
The pen just sort of trails off.

The joys of motherhood!

I have another share from this same journal that is a bit deeper, 
I will share it next link-up or the week after!
But I thought a light, fun, Summer entry might be a refreshing change of pace.

A quote I recorded and saved a few pages away.

Happy Journal-ling!

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