Breaking Free From Approval Addiction

I have a confession to make. 
I am a “People Pleaser”,
and it can be rather bothersome at times.
 I really want to be liked and accepted.
I want to be able to say with Sally Field,
“You like me, you really like me”.
However, life is not an awards ceremony and ultimately
people pleasing is a rather exhausting and frustrating activity.

 The good news is, I am in recovery

The bad news is, sometimes I relapse.
The best news is God loves me anyway AND
 “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me”!

Now don’t get all preachy on me,
I know I am supposed to want to please only God.

 But I have three things (last count) working against me and 
I sometimes don’t recognize them, at least right away.
 They are the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.
They are common to all of us who believe.
All sin will fall into one of those categories at its root.

Fortunately, Jesus supplies us with all we need to do battle with all three.

First of all, He laid down His life to gain our freedom and give us victory over sin and death.

Then, He gives us our Spiritual Armour, His Holy Spirit, grace for the journey and friends in our faith.
He lives to intercede for us and never abandons us.

So how is it we, or I, still manage to find myself entangled in sin?
 “The devil made me do it”, is not something that a believer really can say.
The book of James tells us it’s our own desires that lead us astray.
 Jesus has severed the puppet strings which Satan held on any believer who calls on His name in faith.
So it goes back to the big three.
All three are involved in the area of people pleasing.
In it’s most subtle way it can lead us off God’s path for our lives as well as impact
 His will in the work He is doing in the lives of others.
 It can busy us with activities that are not in accordance with His Ephesians 2:10 “good works”  prepared in advance for us to do.
 It leads to discouragement with self, others and at times, those we want to please most!
So how can we avoid the “PP” in our lives?
Well, I will say we follow the One who came to lead the way.
We pray, confess, and bring it into the light.
Darkness and light are incompatible.
Sharing our struggles with another brings light and keeps the enemy from making mincemeat
out of we little sheep!
That being said, remember that pleasing people is a by-product (sometimes) of pleasing God.

He is able to make our enemies at peace with us.
How much more will he allow us to be pleasing to those who
love us anyway and grant us favor with others?

 In the end, knowing that regardless of who likes us or doesn’t, 
we are completely accepted, embraced and loved, 
not just “liked” by the One who has given us all we need 
for every good work by the power working in us in Christ Jesus. 

You think about that. 
And be sure to let me know if you like my post. 
Oops, relapse. 
  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

Have a God pleasing day, friends!

 Repost: Originally posted as
“Confessions Of A Recovering People Pleaser”

Inspired to revisit, edit and post after this recent post:
To Un-Follow And Un-Friend

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Beholding Glory

Blooming Risk

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud 
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”
Anais Nin

The quote by Anais Nin comes immediately to my mind when I think about Risk. 
I had it framed years ago.
When I was still closed up, fearful.
Ironic, how those words spoke to my soul.
Daring me to stop being afraid.
But it was still less painful to remain in the bud than to bloom. Or so I thought.
Tolerance for pain is high for those who have suffered abuse.
Walls need to be broken down. Walls built by years of pain.
Yet hope came.
Risk brings one to the brink of hope. 
Until at last, blooming full into breathtaking beauty,
no longer hidden, hindered.

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Random Journal Day Link- Up #13

Welcome to Random Journal Day! 

Phew! It’s a hot one here in Little Rhody today friends. High 90’s and
thanking God that I live close to the beach. Today my sweet girl and I met friends at the beach and enjoyed the day as well as watching the Narragansett Regatta 
sailboats racing off shore.

Tonight, ice cream, cold showers and early bed time is on the agenda.
I look forward to seeing your shares this week- 
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It really has been a wonderful blessing for us.


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