Breaking Free From Approval Addiction

I have a confession to make. I am a “People Pleaser”,and it can be rather bothersome at times. I really want to be liked and accepted.I want to be able to say with Sally Field,“You like me, you really like me”.However, life is not an awards ceremony and ultimatelypeople pleasing is a rather exhausting and frustrating activity.Continue reading “Breaking Free From Approval Addiction”

Random Journal Day Link- Up #13

Welcome to Random Journal Day!  Phew! It’s a hot one here in Little Rhody today friends. High 90’s andthanking God that I live close to the beach. Today my sweet girl and I met friends at the beach and enjoyed the day as well as watching the Narragansett Regatta sailboats racing off shore.Tonight, ice cream, coldContinue reading “Random Journal Day Link- Up #13”