My Creative Cave

Currently heavy on the writing…I love to brainstorm here sometimes
or just stare at beautiful Aurora.
I am linking up with a wonderfully creative community for What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW) It’s a little intimidating, as there are some super creative folks there. But I like to swim over my head…it helps stretch the creative muscles, it does!
Welcome to my Creative Cave!
My modes of creativity :
Writing, Scrapbooking, card-making, Journal Writing, random creativity and inspired, spontaneous, crafting; studying/writing/planning prep for teaching or leading (Sunday School and small groups).

Oh, Picture taking.

However, my camera recently broke. I am coincidentally also broke. That’s the end of the story.
Believe it or not, my camera phone is on the blink,  too!
What will I do? I may have to start …drawing?
OK, no.
I’m a word lover.

Writing, which is what you are seeing my desk- as I have a number of writing assignments.
I am a bit behind. Book reviews are on hold, temporarily.

Below is the desk I blog from and do most of my edited writing . 

The blogging station.
My desk accessory and faithful assistant, Aurora.
She is always in her basket while I work at my desk! 
Funny I have taken pictures of my Workdesk regularly, 
but just found this community! 
PS- creative explosions take place frequently in my Creative Cave and on my desk.

Patsy and Peggy are the sweetest new friends who have inspired me- so here I am.
You should check them out.
I adore their amazing creativity and hearts for God!


Mr. Naughty Pants has met his match! 

Aurora makes herself at home during my quiet time.

As if I don’t have enough trouble staying focused!

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