Monday’s Dark Shadows And True Confessions

Barnabas Collins..
reminds us that evil is indeed deceptive…
Well this Monday I am coming clean. I confess my hubby and I have been having a little affair. Kinda. Let me explain how this started. I am not a BIG fan of the Telly. But my hub enjoys relaxing with that there contraption. So, sometimes I indulge him. Most recently we have been watching the original Dark Shadows series through Netflix on our Wii. It all started when my Mother – In – Law, Grace was reminiscing, recently about raising her four boys. Somehow the topic got onto nap-time and how she occasionally watched this particular program. My hub said he was almost named Barnabus because of it! Grace corrected him- he was almost named after another character named Quinten, I have yet to meet, on our journey to watch all 1225 episodes (@20 minutes each). My hub is very nostalgic and we enjoy older programs. We both recalled seeing this late night on re-runs as kids, never really knowing the story-line, just one of those intriguing half hour shows you watch even though you never really know what the heck is going on! Honestly I am not a big fan of vampires or soap operas, but we have a giggle and enjoy the dialogue, cast and early film footage that this 1967-1971 live program delivers. It is great fun to see camera stumbles, actors making mistakes without editing and the lighting limitations. Of course there is also the fact that some of the original setting for the the show was set right here in Rhode Island.  The Newport Cliff WalkSeaview Terrace mansion, as  well as a local restaurant still in existence make it appealing! I was sad to hear that Jonathon Frid died in April of this year just prior to the release of the latest movie release of Dark Shadows.
Now you know our dirty little secret. My name is Victoria Winters…

Ice Coffee, a stack of books and sunshine…lovely Sunday!
I have to share with you a fabulous book I am enjoying. It’s called The Decorated Page- Journals, Scrapbook & Albums Made Simply Beautiful. I got mine from the library, and have linked it so you can peek but really it is full of wonderful inspiration for those of us who enjoy the journal journey. One of my goals has been to do an Altered Book. Do you have any creative goals for the Summer?

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194. a special surprise which blessed me beyond belief 195. sisters in Christ near and far 196. stacks of books 197. friends who enjoy sharing their hearts, unafraid 198. trust rising 199. flowers close, closer, closer still 200. friends for my girl 201. faith secure in Him 202. last day of Sunday School for Summer- fun time shared 203. hope in His promises 204. a clear desk…for the moment 205. homemade oatmeal raisin cookies 206. smiling with my hubby while watching old TV programs

Seriously, come back later this week when I post the story behind this picture 
of Rene Swope holding me in her hands!
I promise you will be blessed!
“God Sized Surprises” Wednesday!
This is where I confess to you that I am so BEHIND
Epic Fail…for me. 
But, look: there I am in Rene’s hands so,
 I guess there is a bright side, right?
Be sure and have a wonderful week!
Be kind to everyone…
especially the person that annoys you, OK?
“Only a kind person is able to judge another justly 
and to make allowances for his weaknesses. 
A kind eye, while recognizing defects, 
sees beyond them.”

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