He Is Redefining Me

He Is Redefining Me

It’s OK, that I do not know what tomorrow will bring,
because I know Him 
who is the King of Kings!
Wherever He wants me
He will bring it to pass
He directs the hearts of men,
He guides me as I ask
What was meant for my end
will surely bring something new
as I learn to depend
on the one called
 Faithful and True
Why would I doubt Him?
Why should I fear?
What today is unknown
Tomorrow will be clear
Waiting on Him
Seeking His Face
Leaning each day on
His amazing grace
My time is in His hands
each moment, each breath
all of my plans
May I hold on so loosely to who I believe I am
and yield myself freely
To the Great I AM.
May I learn to be who He wants me to be
Not bound by roles
which are temporary
I am His
That’s who I am
May I believe with my whole heart
forever His lamb.
©Dawn Paoletta

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