Perfectly Purple Prose (RDJ #10)

Hello, fellow Journal Writers! Here is my Random Journal Day share for the purple of purply days.Today I just had to make sure to share the beautiful Peonies that a lovely lady at church picked for me yesterday. I got a sweet message on my phone that if I would like some fresh flowers, to come on over as with the rainstorms predicted, she knew they would be gone by the weekend! What a blessing! I love fresh flowers and these are beauties! Of course I enjoyed our visit and chat while she shared with me during that time. I actually call her my church mum. Aren’t they gorgeous?
Course, I have to confess I had to put them on the only neat spot in the kitchen- the top of the microwave 
(but please don’t look real close) to take a decent picture. As I tried to take the picture last night the background was filled with “messy kitchen”, ie. dirty dishes piled; busy, cluttered table full of shopping treasures of the day and randoms from my hubs. Anyhoo…hence what I like to call the Micro-Rooster background at my home studio! On the microwave with our Rooster pictures as a backdrop. I found some purple for this post today!

June 24, 2004
Psalm 23:1
The Lord is my Shepherd;
I have everything I need.

This verse ministers to my heart and 
I love this version –
what a wonderful affirmation 
for developing a heart of contentment. 
This is the New Living Translation and 
The Living Bible, I believe.
I first read the version with the words 
“I have everything I need”
 when I was using a children’s Bible verse book 
and we would read and memorize it.
I like it better than
 “I shall not want” because
 it is a positive affirmation
and really speaks of God’s 
leading and provision and of course
 His everlasting presence and faithfulness. 
See the purple? Actually, Lavender! 😉
Have Purple Weekend, Friends!

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