A Summer Poem (RJD #14)

Beach gazing: Nantucket, Ma  My RJD offering for you today friends, will be a Summer Treat.  I often write poems in my journals then forget about them.  Poetry is just a way I express myself, I suppose.  It kind of just comes, so I submit myself to the pen and let it flow.  I forgotContinue reading “A Summer Poem (RJD #14)”

The Dance

Dance.  I see you dancing before me, my sweet girl.  Completely free.  Those early days you felt unhindered.  Confident. Innocent.  Dance.  I see me, seeing you.  Free, satisfied. What joy in my heart.  I birthed beauty.  A mystery. Beyond words.  It breaks me in half, tears me in two.  Often choices that never beckoned me,Continue reading “The Dance”

Random Journal Day Link Up #14

Welcome to Random Journal Day!  OK, I realize for some reason I mess up RJD by spelling it RDJ by accident! Sorry!Some RDJ news:If you check out the LINKS tab at the top of my blog you will find our Random Journal Day Home base! This was to help others easily find a description as well as archive all ofContinue reading “Random Journal Day Link Up #14”