Birth Of A Blog: RDJ #8

Close to home: journal share from same time last year…

Welcome to my journal. Here you will get a peek into the pages of my heart. Unedited (for the most part) and as they were written. I do leave out portions which are extremely personal or potentially intrusive to those I love; also some of my wildly long, rambling tangents. But otherwise I try to be brave enough to inspire you to feel safe to bare your soul a bit. Have no fear here. This forum is a place to share your heart and be encouraged. Truly, I think this is a glimpse, if ever, beneath the surface. 

Since it really is one year ago that I wrote my first Blog Post here, and fumbled to figure out what I was doing, I thought it would be appropriate to share a peek into the journal which would reveal what was going on at the time. Interestingly, just seven days later I would injure my hip during my daughter’s field day, and this little writing excursion which started as a burning desire in my heart would become like a healing balm over my life. 

May 20, 2011
@ 1:20 PM
Dear Lord,
This is a record week for needed confession-from Sunday’s incident at the White Water Rafting Trip to the ultimate distraction, laziness and hypocrisy I am drowning in today!
Today really is more than a culmination of more than this week…But, Lord, that being said…knowing that you are the God who loves me, saves me and GUIDES me, I appeal to you…this daughter needs you to reign her in. 

So much needs prayer…
Lord, today was a rare day- I did not start with you in prayer and focus. Not to mention I was up until 
3 AM-  the night before trying to create my Blog space. Well, I thank you that I did finally create my first post on my Blog- Thank You , Lord!
My heart could not rest until I gave birth to this which I do believe is your will for me in the sense of my love of writing, sharing and You!

I have been thinking a lot lately about direction and desire… these lead me back to You again and again.
Writing, teaching, growing in my intimacy with You. Your Kingdom work…the gifts you’ve gifted me with.
Oh, back to sin-
I know Lord, this week I see a trail of it.
This week I felt like the traffic of sin was flowing heavy through my life. 
One bad decision after another…and distraction as well as selfishness 
and laziness have been huge on my Hit List.
I feel overwhelmed, cluttered and in a rut. 
That is the bad news.
The good news is 
that despite THAT –
I don’t feel LESS loved 
by You, Lord. 
You are the difference.

Lord, I need your Holy Spirit to guide me into all truth 
with power to change me…
to the one you desire to transform me into…
Help me, by your grace.

Well, thanks for peeking in my journal-
 I hope you leave here with a bit of inspiration to live
 raw and real in Him, 
for Him, by Him and through Him! 
Ain’t nothing like it, friends!
God Bless You, ALL- everyone! 
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