Got Janes? One Woman’s Vision – Entrepreneur and Visionary Sharon Linder (Inspiring Woman Series)

 “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”
Jackie Douglas

Today I want to introduce you to a woman who is not only inspiring, talented, creative, quick-witted and sharp as a tack but one who has a special new mission in her life. This new endeavor was initiated after her own  personal experiences within the health care industry although it has the potential to positively impact many women in the future. Sharon Linder is the kind of woman who gets things done. Efficiently and often extraordinarily. I have had the pleasure of knowing Sharon for a very long time. I cannot divulge exactly how long, after all that would be indiscreet. And we, being ladies, like to keep things discreet!

Having had the opportunity to live and work closely with the Linder family for a number of years offered me the chance to rub elbows, exchange thoughts and ideas and know the gift to the community this particular family continues to be in so many ways. Sharon is married to Stephen Linder, Attorney and “Legal Tips” radio talk show host here in Rhode Island. They have two beautiful grown daughters, Sydney and Olivia.

Sharon, is a whirlwind of energy and ideas, yet she is the eye of the storm, the calm center, powerful, focused and in control. She grew up in New Hampshire, and has two sisters. Perhaps it’s no surprise that she is the middle sister! Could this be one of the places she learned some of her unique intuitiveness which has served her well in her career and life? Sharon so often tunes into those around her and always has something to offer whether through reason, practical solution, or alternative perspective. I can’t tell you how often she has connected people for purposes which benefited all parties involved. During her 30 years as a dedicated IBM associate, she managed her family and home life and still always kept her eyes and ears open to help others. Seriously, on a personal note, not only is she a gifted communicator, Sharon is one of the funniest people I know. She is what I call “Smart Funny”. There are times in life where I stop and say, “What would Sharon say?” Sometimes this just makes me smile- but wisdom and humor abide in this women. I could write a whole other post on famous “Sharon-isms” I can recall.

So what is this “Vision” for women that Sharon has and 
what are Janes? 

Let me ask you this, how did you feel when you went to your last exam, as you were asked to slip into a Johnny, before embarking on a testing procedure which you were not looking forward to anyway?

How about this scenario:  You are trying to walk in a modest way from one room down the hall to the next suspecting the likelihood of “flashing” inadvertently to be a strong, though undesired possibility?

Enter “Janes”. The discreet Johnny for women who have important questions on their mind and do not want to be distracted by a breeze, as they make their way around the health facilities. Let’s face it when woman hear certain words and are being told they need specific tests, the last thing that needs to be a concern is whether or not they are exposed. Janes are a reasonable answer to offer coverage, discretion and modesty during a time when they feel exposed, anxious and vulnerable.

Here is the best news: All profits go to the Janes Foundation with funds to be donated to women who can’t afford mammogramsBe sure to stop by the website and see for yourself the beauty of this excellent endeavor! Would you also share this Janes information with your friends who work in Healthcare, and women you know who would be interested?
Here is the Link:

gotcha covered

Stop by the brand new Facebook Page to support 
for Janes
by “liking” their page!

Sharon, recently has been exploring more of her artistic side. She is working with various mediums and stretching her creativity muscles further while enjoying special times with family and friends.
She continues to be an inspiring women to this very minute! 
Stephen, Olivia, Sydney and Sharon

The fact is some people impact you in such a way that you are forever changed for knowing them. And for the better. That is the key. They in sharing themselves with you, increase the you-ness of you…for the better. 

Linking with Courtney, Shanda, Michelle and Darlene in hopes of women sharing and supporting one another.

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