What’s NOT On My Nightstand

My nightstand doth runneth over… Well here it is that time of month again…and here I am sheepishly linking, because I adore this link -up but am the slowest reader on earth. I am not however the slowest accumulator of books. The above picture is my hallway. Books do find me. Even as I leftContinue reading “What’s NOT On My Nightstand”

The Beauty Book by Nancy Rue: Book Review

“God doesn’t compare us. Jesus doesn’t compare us. The world we live in compares us, but who are we supposed to follow?”~Nancy Rue This book is written with 7-11 year old girls in mind, and is an encouraging reminder of where young girls (and moms) need to fix there eyes. I shared it with my (beyondContinue reading “The Beauty Book by Nancy Rue: Book Review”