Together : 5 Minute Friday

Together Who would have known that the day we met would have turned into this? Not me. Perhaps you? Not sure. We have been together for so long…heart, mind, spirit. Friendship. Marriage. Through the bad times, and good. As friends, growing steadily into one. Yet, so fragile, are we. Resilient and fragile. Never taking forContinue reading “Together : 5 Minute Friday”

Wanted: Joy (RDJ Link-Up) 4/29/12

The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it,     the world, and all who live in it…  Psalm 24:1 I do not like to share too much back story with the journal link up as I just like to let the words resonate in the way God will use them anew for whoever readsContinue reading “Wanted: Joy (RDJ Link-Up) 4/29/12”

Random Journal Day Link Up 4

Welcome to Random Journal Day! Hope you are all enjoying looking through your old journals. We look forward to reading your shares this week and seeing those wonderful pictures of our journals. Even the plain Jane ones. Enjoy sharing, reading and providing feedback throughout the week!  Please take the time to read the rules.Please REMEMBER toContinue reading “Random Journal Day Link Up 4”