Battling The Bathroom Bully {Spring In My Step Guest Post}

How is it that this one device should hold so much powerover us?
How could it be that we live in days where pride should be in a number 
on a scale instead of the integrity of the heart? 
I have asked these questions of myself as I have stood by the 
bully in the bathroom 
for decades with many people as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant. 
I have watched this silent, but strong presence take hold of every shape, size and form and seize each equally with a fear which knows no prejudice. 
I have stood by women in tears as they attempt to approach that bully 
fearlessly and are brought to depths 
when they stand face to face with perceived uncooperative numbers…
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You can head over to my friend Barbie’s Place, where I weigh in with a few 
thoughts on dealing with the Bathroom Bully once and for all! 

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