Reflections of Grace on Monday

Happy Monday, Friends!
Here are a few of my randoms for the start of the week:

                      I did a “Faithbook” layout
                             Visit Faithfully Yours for a description of Faithbooking!

I finally captured one of my favorite drive by eye candy sights as I headed out on the road this week: 

I had a Weekend Blessing X Three this week which included: 
1. A Friday long distance conversation and prayer time with my West Coast BFF.
2. A sweet online Easter card from my Bloggy BFF, Pam.
3. A coffee date and fellowship with my East Coast BFF at Java Madness on Saturday morning!

When we walked out on the docks outside the coffee place Saturday we were blessed by a Jelly-Fish Visitation. I love when God provides a finishing touch of amazing to any moment!

We snapped pics and enjoyed the Jelly time…
There were hundreds! 
My Trunk of Journals!
A peek inside! I have many more than what this trunk can hold!
I have been a “Closet Writer” for many moons, Grasshopper!

I shared a “PEEK” into one of my journals along with some other friends, for our new Random Day Journal Link Up. Please join us with your own journal portions! We would love to have you join in!  
A dish of some orange-ish rocks from the coast of RI!

Here is the song in my head today…

81. a faith-filled life like chocolate-deliciously, sweet and satisfying 82. sisters in Christ 83. truckloads of inspiration 84. eyes to see Him 85. health, although all is fragile 86. Easter visits 87. Sunrise service, ocean-side minus the Sun, no less beautiful because of the presence of The Son. 88. jellyfish blessings 89. a friend far, close and within 90. the fellowship of believers wherever His Spirit is…the fellowship of His graces. 91. a situation presented and the interesting reality of the lack of one emotion: fear. Hallelujah!

Have a wonderful week and live like a local tourist-
I do: 
 I love Rhode Island! 
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