How Do You Say Goodbye?

For none of us lives to himself alone and none of us dies to himself alone. If we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.
Romans 14:7-9

How do you say goodbye,
to the one you have looked in the eye?
Who has thrown your first ball,
watched you grow tall,
tasted your first apple pie.
How do you say goodbye,
when the tears muffled, cause but a sigh?
When you sit and count  hours and breaths 
wondering why any, at all must die.
How do you say goodbye,
to a marriage, a dad, or a man?
Who has held you together,
with the calm of his way-
reached out to hold your hand?
How do you say goodbye,
to the husband, the friend, the one?
Who stayed through the years,
through laughter and tears,
the raising of each precious son?
How do you say goodbye,
to the man who spun you around?
Whimsical swirl, magical twirl
feet never touching the ground. 
How do you say goodbye,
to a lifetime friend?
From first grade to marriage
wives, cars and 
baby carriage,
a friend from beginning to end.
How do you say goodbye
to a sister, a brother, a love?
Each passing year,
with love and with care-
tenderness snug as a glove.
How do you say goodbye,
to a leader, a father, a grand?
Dedicated, gentle, smiling,
remember now, if you can.
Hang onto the man you remember,
hang onto the man that you know, 
hang onto his memory, dear ones,
in our hearts his memory does glow.
Dedicated to the family and friends, and all who know and love Angelo Paoletta.

Clinging to this memory of my  Father In Law twirling me around the dance floor on my wedding day, leading me, smiling and so full of life.
He dances on in my memory and heart forever.

Friends, I will be taking a blogging break during this time – however your understanding, patience and prayers are appreciated. Although I may not respond consistently during this time- I do get your comments right to my phone and e-mails, I am grateful for your kind words and friendship.

God Bless you my friends. 

A Love Divine: (RDJ Link Up #5) 4/27/12

I praise and thank you for your Word, your creation and the beauty of your hands and at your fingertips.
I thank you for this beautiful morning.
Give me joy and light and grace to shine upon my husband.
Thank you Jesus that you are the romancer of my heart.
More than my husband, more than my friends, more than my precious daughter~
You love me beyond end,
beyond measure with infinite pleasure.
I’m yours, you’re mine
Our love divine.
Today I praise you because you are  a loving God whose very nature is love.
What is your will for me Lord?
To be a wife and mother,
to be a caring friend-
to live and serve others,
to forgive time and time again?
To turn the other cheek,
to smile and always pray
to share your love with everyone,
I meet along the way?
What is your will for me, Lord?
To drink in the beauty you create
and see your hand in all-
the trees, insects,
birds and butterflies-
On your mercy contemplate.

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Wordless Wednesday: S’more

Yes, I did. 

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What’s NOT On My Nightstand

My nightstand doth runneth over...

Well here it is that time of month again…and here I am sheepishly linking, because I adore this link -up but am the slowest reader on earth. I am not however the slowest accumulator of books. The above picture is my hallway. Books do find me. Even as I left church the last few weeks and there set out, in the back on a table…free books. Much to my husbands dismay. “If you take one, you need to leave one.” He smiles. Um, no. That is not exactly how it works…But just so you know that God loves me despite my covetousness towards books, I have been asked to help out creating and organizing our church library! Hooray! Guess who’s smiling, now? 
It has been a hectic month and I truly appreciate seeing all of my fellow What’s On Your Nightstand friends reading choices…
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