Why Is Peeta Mellark Skulking Around Our House?

Are you hungry for The Hunger Games?

It started quite subtly. My daughter asked me; no actually she firmly insisted I read The Hunger Games.
I admit that I was hesitant. Skeptical. We see eye to eye less and less these days. She rejects most of my book suggestions and we have had more than one discussion (read:confrontations) about choosing wisely. That being said, I was not expecting a lot when I started reading these books. I guess I did not know what to expect and because I rarely read Fiction and read slowly, I was wondering if my attention would be held or if I would have to fess up and tell my girl, “Mom can’t finish these books because I am bored stiff” or “Sweetie, I hate this story so much I would rather scoop my eyes out with a melon scoop than go on, …sorry”. The last series we read together was Lauren St. Johns’s,  “White Giraffe Series” and we both really enjoyed it. Those of you who read my Blog already know that I was blown away with this Young Adult series by Suzanne Collins and could barely stop myself from reading them! I had one emergency when I got to Mockingjay because we could not find her copy around the house and I had to wait for it to come in from the library. This was not an option (it was THAT good), so I actually got it on my Kindle (before I killed my Kindle) for free and continued on happily. We are looking forward to opening night Friday and I daresay that this will be a movie that is up there with my other favorite all time epic movies: Lord of The Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia and Star Wars. This story is riveting and has so many thought provoking ideas and concepts in it that I think it can be seen as both entertainment and warning. If you haven’t read them, do. As for us, we are looking forward to seeing this movie Friday night with two other families from my daughter’s school. I think that the story stands on it’s own so I do not want to say too much. But of course I want to say just one teeny little something. This is not the first time the reality of a godless society has been portrayed in literature and film. The fact is when human beings are left to their own devices…it’s “dog eat dog”,  “When in Rome …” and “Anything goes”. The beauty of this book is the fact that anyone with eyes to see must ultimately wonder: “Could it ever be?” One does not have to look far in the pages of history to see the answer. Resoundingly, Yes!

Have you read the books? Are you curious? 
Will you see the movie? 
Share your thoughts if you have any on Dystopian literature.

So why is Peeta Mellark skulking around our house 
as if you have to ask? 

My daughter has invited Peeta into our home to stalk, skulk and startle us
from wherever he lifelessly stands… because– that’s why.
Didn’t you invite strange cardboard cutouts into your home 
when you were a tween?
Don’t answer that.

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