When God Gives A White Rainbow

White Rainbow at Narragansett, RI

On your mark, get set…Monday!
Yes, it is another Miscellany Monday. I wonder how all my fellow bloggers, real life friends and random stalking folks are doing at the start of a new week. I am feeling random, and oh so personal so I hope you are ready for a rockin’ ride today!
First of all, seriously, have you ever seen a White Rainbow? Well, I did. Last week while walking with a sweet friend at Point Judith State Park (formerly Camp Cronin) we received a Special Delivery from God right before our very eyes! It was a misty kind of day and the fog was clearing to blue sky when we saw this amazing sight just over the water at the shore. It was really breathtakingly beautiful. I truly was loving this day as not only did I catch some really great waves...almost literally, but I also got to roll in the stones!  If you know me at all or have been popping by for a bit, you know I have a thing for rocks and stones. 

Why do you think God would bless us special with something like that? Well, I could give you a million reasons…or maybe one thousand…but it is all summed up in one: He loves me. He knows that my eyes would see and receive with great joy this gift. He loves me that much and you know what else? He loves you with that same amazing love…he told me to make sure I told you, friend. I want to tell you something else because I do not want you to think that I am living some unreal Christian bubble. The day before…Monday. I had such a horrid day. Have you ever ran out of your house in tears, and felt like a trapped animal. You wanted to run fast and hard, but there was no where to go…and so you find yourself weeping crouched with your own garbage cans in the garage feeling it’s where you belong and it’s all too hard and Heaven seems like a better home, anyway. And He accepts your tears and you know He still loves you though you have shouted at the sky, crying out before Him complaints and blasphemies. He said you need to stay right where you are and He promises He will never leave; be right there. So, you pick yourself up, brush yourself off, push back hair, wipe the tears and try to get back up into the day…and then your child says in a small voice, ashamed, “Mommy, I’m sorry” and your not sure how your going to make it but you feel His hand on your shoulder as she wraps around you. As you both hold on to each other. Then you get on with your day, knowing that there are others who are fighting their own hard fights. Knowing none of us escapes unscathed from this life. Yeah…that was my Monday. But even before the White Rainbow gift, I had this crazy thing happen. Out of the garbage and into His faithfulness. So I was posting my first gifts last week and linking up with Anne Voskamp at A Holy Experience, and it was so weird because there I was a big crying mess…hanging on waiting for a blessing. Because I just needed a word of encouragement and was thinking I am garbage. Amazing how God is so good and He says I am His and I can still find myself in the garbage when I least expect it. But then He never let’s me stay there. So what do you think I did? I headed to the Blogosphere and received a special gift…am I completely corny that I took a picture? Ann had me hanging waiting for a surprise over at her blog and I REALLY needed a diversion and surprise. Well I received abundantly more!


Don’t you just love that face?

Creativity is truly a healing balm!
Here is what I did with the Gifts from Ann. You can download these as well. I decorated the Gift Journal I grabbed over the weekend. 


 Then I got on with counting it all joy…
29. surprise phone call, interesting
30. Friday’s interview in a familiar place
31. Streets lined with memories
32. status update surprise
33. big beauty in the smallest state
34. healing power in creating 
35. crashing waves and joyful stones
36. A friend close
37. a friend far
38. praying friends that let me know they are not forgetting
39. a Pastor that can preach and teach powerfully in sickness and health; grateful
40. unlikely Sunday School teacher blessed beyond belief
41. tickled by His grace and joy in unexpected ways
42. more pain, more joy 
43. His promises like healing glue holding me together
44. grace binding broken places
45. memory of a white rainbow
46. moms to pray with every single Thursday
47. friend as close as my phone…daily
48. sidewalk chalk driveway, funny face drawing with my girl
49. rocking chair dreaming 
50. she forgot she hates me long enough to climb onto my lap and rock
51. remembering when I rocked her small and hungry, half asleep
52. a friend faithful, patient and kind
53. old camera new
54. two lists of one thousand

My KitKat – the girl not the candy bar

“How much larger your life would be if your self could become smaller in it.” 
G.K. Chesterton

…I will turn their mourning into gladness; 
   I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

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