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Here it is Miscellany Monday and we all know I am not linking up as much and spending TOO much time blogging instead of birthing my book, right? Please, do not check my archives and notice that since I made my Grand Announcement I absolutely cannot seem to stop being busy with Blogginess. I actually think I am starting to get a permanent eBlogger logo screen burn from the extreme long term ray exposure. Forget the fact that I also can’t seem to stay away from Facebook but have inspired a number of friends to abstain successfully, while I continue to hover and lurk in the Facebook realm. Besides all of that I really think I am pregnant with triplets…in book terms that is!

I really think the conclusion of the matter is this whole blogging thing has kept me sane while I have (quite unsuccessfully) been job searching. And healing physically and perhaps more. I mean really, figure what is cheaper, blogging or therapy? This unanticipated journey I have embarked on and found somehow in the frustration there is joy. How can that be? But there it is!

Well here is the latest BIZARRE twist to share with you on this writing journey. Last Sunday we took a drive to visit the setting of where this story I am writing takes place. I wanted to wrap my mind around the place and see, taste, touch and feel it with my soul for Writer’s Sake, of course. So off we went, after church  to see the old places and spur my memory to get the juices flowing (this is where the juices stopped as well!). I got some pictures and walked along the old roads, snapping pictures. Doesn’t everybody do this? My  husband only agreed to go if I promised NOT to knock on the door of the old house I spent Summers in as a child and ask the current residents for a viewing. He is such a drag. Wonderfully historic, old farmhouses and scenic beauty abound here on the East. Hidden wonders to explore everywhere! Well, the phone rings today and guess who it is? One week later- it is an officer from the Police Department of the town we visited inquiring why I was walking around taking pictures. Enter dramatic music here, followed by raucous laughter. Really? Seriously, I said well, actually I am writing a book! After a thorough questioning which sent my hubby into increased hair loss mode, he was satisfied and I was released from my investigative phone call. Just call me the Drama Mama – it finds me…I can run but I can never hide!

Besides the fact that I seem to be a mega book magnet lately, winning books and receiving books at every turn, I still managed to buy, for fifty cents each, a Websters World Dictionary paperback (one can never have too many Dictionaries or Bibles) and also The Elements of Grammar by Margaret Schertzer. How cool is that? (I will know how to use that semi-colon if it kills me!).

Below is a little writing exercise which links up to Shah Wharton’s Words In Sync Writer’s Blog- check it out when you get a chance! This was a picture prompt which I loved and felt inspired to participate.

My very last thought for you today comes from my Pastor’s message and I quote
 (He often says the most quotable things!) :
“Don’t let past failures keep you from future successes”

You know friends, I really needed to hear that, point blank this week, how about you?
So Happy Monday, Friends- Have a great week and you remember what my Pastor said, OK? 
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Escape From Everyday

The long lists of expectations elude her as she steps out into the light of day. Walking brings refreshment and new perspectives. She so needs these as she steps one foot in front of the other, seeking escape from the immediate, abundant demands of the everyday existence making up the hours of her life. One foot in front of the other leads to anywhere but here and that brings comfort to her innards today. In this present moment. Comforted in walking into the mystery awaiting her  somewhere. Anywhere but this place, now. The sky above and the earth beneath her feet are faithful  friends, awaiting her appearing. The crowded woods immediately welcomes her with an embrace of moist, misty, musty breath, enticing her senses, drawing her into their wisdom of ages. Whispering secrets and messages for her alone. “Here is peace.” she thinks as she wanders the woodlands so near. How these trees provide solace, soothing her tattered, weary soul. Each limb of tree an extension of friendship, reaching out, inviting. She is renewed here in this solitary place. Encircled in light infused branches of creation. Love seeps into her every pore. Replenished by smells, sights, touches; devoid of noise. Quietness restores the soul. Standing in the center she comes to stillness, imagining herself as one standing, rooted, grounded. Bound to earth yet reaching skyward; arms like limbs reaching, stretching toward the heavenly. Emerging from seed to oak, to seed in this never-ending cycle. Living, dying, emerging new again. Evergreen. Ever new. Escaping the everyday emerging anew.

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