The Day That Got Away

The Day That Got Away

There it was,
there it went.
Where has it gone?
I wish I knew
 but I suspect,
as I stifle back my yawn-
it slipped away, 
my today
never to return
a mystery 
for which 
now I yearn.
Too late, too short, 
without further adieu,
I bid you sweet farewell
Be gone now, finished,
Procrastinated plans,
interruptions in my day,
set me on a treadmill
of multiple delays.
So now I see the clock has ticked it’s final tock,
I will hope tomorrow
wears a more productive frock.
For now I say, Ta-Ta
and I wave my hand goodbye
Sweet Dreams Today,
Tomorrow’s my ally.
©Dawn Paoletta-Beneath The Surface: Breath of Faith


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