Soup, Balls, Shrimp, and Snow!

Snow Bird! A weekend of snow in New England!

Interestingly this has been a busy week. Apparently if you start Monday off at the Ladies Annual Soup Night at church and watching comedienne Chonda Pierce  it sets the tone for the entire week! My hubby was sweet enough to make his delicious Corn Chowder for me to take to the affair. Soup, pie, women and comedy. But really hold that thought because this was a truly comedic week. That could be my life’s epitaph: Here she lies after living a life full of food, friends and funny moments. 

So how pray tell do “Balls” fit into this whole scenario, you are wondering? Well, glad you asked. I had another one of those things we call “interviews”. When you work in the field I do, this can vary greatly. See my face? No, so I will just let you know I have a huge smirk. When I say vary greatly, picture what it would be like auditioning for a side show in the circus. I am rarely surprised and have had some, shall we say bizarre and interesting interviews. Since I expect this, it is no surprise that my latest interview was done in the middle of an upscale studio in the Financial District of beautiful Downtown, Providence. On balls. I have no qualms with this. One of the best interviews I had included juggling. Without warning. My interviewer threw two balls at me, watching my response. Then one more. I am of the philosophy that if someone throws balls your way, you juggle them. 
Needless to say, I got that job. You might want to write that down. Never duck when balls come your way. 
You just roll with it. So 40 minute interview on the ball. Two interviewers. Honestly. 

Moving along. 
The shrimp was shared when I had an unplanned lunch date after my Moms In Prayer meeting, Thursday. 
That made for Thursday’s post: Misadventures Of A Praying Mom
I confess, we ate a LOT. It was rather enjoyable.
Shrimp, cocktail sauce, honeydew and conversation.

The beach was amazing this week.
We had a hint of snow on Friday.

I was disappointed except that who can be anything but grateful when you are looking at this:

And then we had this wonderful stuff for the weekend.

Which led to this wonderful time with my girl…

Followed by Cocoa. As well as an afternoon of reading…

which is to say that I have devoured this book at her request:
File:Hunger games.jpg

I must confess I loved it. I could hardly put it down. 
I am not a big Fiction reader. I also am the slowest reader. 
This young adult read really pulled me in and refused to let me go! 
I am looking forward to seeing the movie.

Last but not least I am starting back up on our Psalm 119 challenge and my dear sister in Christ Angela will be helping to keep me from derailing this time! I will be posting on the Facebook page again but not sure how I will do it, exactly. It may be once a week, or I may share different versions. I so enjoy reading a variety of translations. 
Get those index cards ready. Or at least get your Bible open to this amazing gift in the Psalms and enjoy it’s delicious richness! Won’t you join in? 

 א Aleph
 1 Blessed are they whose ways are blameless, 
   who walk according to the law of the LORD.

Have a wonderful week. 

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