Could Less Be Best?

He must become greater; I must become less.
John 3:30

I find it hard to believe that as I sought the Lord about a word to represent the year ahead, the word impressed upon me was “Less”. First of all let me say that I love words. There are a lot of good words I can think of to contemplate, focus and project into my new year. Less is not one of the words I would choose. Course, that is the key. My choice. I am OK with that because typically when given and assignment like this I go a little Ga-Ga! As a matter of fact at a Fitness Conference last year I had an epiphany. The suggestion was to have one word, and set your intention for the new year. So what did I do. First I grabbed a rock from the Boston hotel’s lobby and then I proceeded to think about some of my favorite words. Did I choose one? No. I wrote FOUR words on one side and a phrase on the other side of that sweet, oval rock. Sometimes, I think God just really has His hands full with me, but then I realize, hey, He’s God – He can handle the mess of me!

How ironic that in a culture, society and time that says “Be all that you can be”. Be more, do more, get more I hear God telling me the word that is my word if I will accept it, is less
Don’t think, this is where the conversation ended. See I am not so submissive like that. But, I debate, Lord- I like words and can think of lots of words that might be good for this next year in my life. Remember last year? I chose: energy, enthusiasm, creativity and focus. Good words, right? By the middle of the year I was sapped of my energy, my enthusiasm had run out, my creativity at a stand still and my focus unidentifiable. Um, Lord, I am listening. Less. Got it.
I’m not sure I get it but I’m willing to listen and have it your way, Lord. 
Audible, sigh.
So, I started to consider how less could be best for me and lead to more of God’s will for my life. 
If I complain less, I can praise Him more.
If I hurry less, I can enjoy the present moment more.
If I criticize less, I can encourage more.
If I judge less, I can love more.
If I talk less, I can listen more. 
If I want less, I can give more.
If I condemn less, I can forgive more. 
If I doubt less, I can believe more.
If I fear less, I can receive more. 
You see in the end, God knows what’s best and the less he is asking me to embrace is a less that will lead to more. More of Him. Now that’s less that I can live with. Or without. Oh, you know what I mean! 
So, this year I start with the word that is best for me.
God says it’s Less.
I think this year He has a few Less-ons to teach me.

Thank you for this One Word for 2012 Challenge , Bonnie! 

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