Whatta Ya Mean It’s Monday?

Here is my Rock for 2012. God’s word for me this year…Less.
Go figure. I will be posting that story later in the week!

Hello, and welcome to the first Monday of 2012. Pretty cool, huh? If you are reading this post you have also safely made it to the other side of the new year! Phew. Don’t let the door hit you on your backside there, Mr. 2011! Bysie Bye! 
My wonderful week in review. Grab your coffee, Espresso, tea. Speaking of, if you are getting mine, I take my coffee-light; Espresso-black and my tea-light and sweet. Please take notes. Now then…where was I?
OK, I am being stalked by creepy mannequins, it seems, everywhere I go! First the arrival of Mary Kate- Barbara for Katherine and then this “flying” Angel on High at church. 
Christmas Card confessions…
Which is why I feel the need to confess (?) once and for all that I failed to mail all of my Christmas cards this year. It got late, I got distracted and then…well there you have it. I had the idea to make some nice New Years cards to send to the half of my list that was missed…but then I just said, NA. No offense to anyone, better luck (and perhaps planning) next year. 
Which leads me to our latest Library Book Treasure of the week! 
So Monday -as we drove to visit my In – Laws, I told the Family I was going to read for them during the ride. They, being used to my potential soapbox and ensuing lecture about the value of our connecting in these ways, quietly submitted.Well, let me tell you of the laughs we have had while enjoying the dramatic, imaginative and  outright bizarre stories within these pages. It has been such a hit, we have “fairy- taled” our way back and forth for three trips now in the company of these tragic, twisted tales. 
Midweek I had a Mom’s night with my girl and her friend as they wanted to see a movie. We Moms decided to meet up and let the girls go see their own movie, while we watched one we actually thought we’d like!
Exit Ethan Hunt. Enter stunt double Dawn. 
I really love action, adventure type movies so when she agreed to see MI4, I was happy enough. There is one little thing about me watching these types of movies. I really “experience” them to the maximum. I am pretty sure that I terrified, annoyed, or at least baffled the surrounding rows, as I twisted, contorted and spastic-ally stretched my body for every crazy, stress-filled, fantastic stunt that Tom Cruise and cast performed. Fortunately we had the first row of the back section so there was no-one directly in front of us. The kicking probably would have gotten us thrown out. Not sure that Mom will be seeing another movie with me anytime soon. She wanted to see some love story with Clooney. Poo!
Friday we made a special family trip to Lasalette Shrine followed by our annual visit (sometimes) to the Mon Kou Restaurant in Massachusetts! It was just a great night. We enjoyed the “International Nativities Display” as well as “The Festival of Lights”.
Here we are in front of the manger scene/outdoor chapel waiting
 for the prayer followed by the lighting!
Now do you see why I am reading fairy tales in the car?
This is how we appear while out in public!
 They are staring at their phones and I am looking at them 
through a camera lens. 
Is this actually dysfunctional? 

Last but not least, I actually made it to the Polar Plunge. This is when all of the people who are crazy enough to jump into the ocean on New Years Day, go ahead and Plunge!
Well, I have been talking about this for a few years. I even announced it on Facebook. But I knew we were going to be late and my fabulous family did not want to plunge with me. What’s a girl to do?
Enter one cool chick, Sister in Christ and friend. Sunday Morning the phone rings. Jen asks, “Tell me about the Polar Plunge”. Gulp. I was figuring another year of chickening out, nope Jen wants to do it for the first time as well and guess what, we can go together right after church! 
So we did. Unofficially, as by the time we got there all the “official” Plungers had plunged.
It was a perfect way to start the New Year. Baptized into 2012 with a friend!

Jen and I coming out of the water victorious, together!

Happy New Year, New Week,
New Whatever You Need To Be New 2012!

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