Pieces Of Me: Favorite Blog Posts of 2011

This how I mostly look, on a daily basis.
Hi my name is Dawn.
 This is my camera and constant companion.
Well, it is hard to believe the year is about to end. Thank the Good Lord, for that. Last year at this time I really did not know what a Blog was or that there actually were so many Blogs in the Blogosphere! Who knew?
But here I am to share with you my favorite posts from my short 7 month history of Blogging. I wanted to choose posts that had the most meaning to me as opposed to most popular post, because that’s how I roll. Also for the record the two most popular posts currently are my two guest posts for the Inspiring Women Series! Apparently I am the least popular on my own Blog! Ha! Thank you Jenny and Susie
I do not expect you to read all of these gems – That is way too much of me for anyone! I would be encouraged and blessed if you picked one or two, you have not read before and left a comment after you read it! Thank you for joining me on this journey! Purty Puhleeze?
So without further adieu. Drum roll please, here they are in no special order 
(OK, scratch that they are actually in chronological order) :
The River, The Journey and The Guide ~ My hubs and I join our daughter’s Girl Scout Troop for a white water rafting trip. Tongue in cheek humor and Dawn perspective, throughout. 
Bloom: The Only Way Out Is Through ~ Disappointment, disillusionment and trusting God.
You Mean I’m Supposed To Rejoice? ~ God’s will for the rain and sunshine days is the same. 
Being The Change I Long To See ~ My desire to soar as an eagle despite feet of clay.
The Unlikely Bloom: His Purposes Prevail ~ God’s faithfulness to give unexpected blessings. 
The Sacred Rocker ~ How a shower gift became Holy- A mom’s nursing story. 
You Have Now Entered Another Dimension… ~ Discovering the Blogosphere.
A Magical Day  ~ A sidetracked mom story involving one wedding dress and three generations.
In one short post (miraculous)!
The Elephant and Me (That’s Just Gross) ~ You know how to eat an elephant don’t you? 
Sheltered ~ Hurricane Irene, God and birds. Yeah, that. Check it out. 
The Boy, The Man and Grace ~ A salvation story. 
God, Google Earth and The Three O’s ~ A casual conversation in the car with my girl goes God.
Bird Bath Blessings ~ God takes pleasure in us.
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Now that is a post you want to check out! 
Happy Friday before New Years Day! 

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