Pieces Of Me: Favorite Blog Posts of 2011

This how I mostly look, on a daily basis. Hi my name is Dawn. This is my camera and constant companion. Well, it is hard to believe the year is about to end. Thank the Good Lord, for that. Last year at this time I really did not know what a Blog was or that thereContinue reading “Pieces Of Me: Favorite Blog Posts of 2011”

Shredding Bad Memories of 2011 with K-Love!

Yesterday, in my Newsfeeds on Facebook, I saw this post from K-Love Radio about shredding the worst moments of 2011. You know, this morning I asked God to show me the things that happened this year that I perceived as “bad” and to reveal to me during this last week of December, how each ofContinue reading “Shredding Bad Memories of 2011 with K-Love!”

A Twisted Tongue Tale

The holidays. You prepare, anticipate, agonize the details and hope all will go smoothly on the day all come together to celebrate. Often we see people we may not see all year, but through family or friendship we find ourselves in their company once, may be twice a year. Although we love our family, thereContinue reading “A Twisted Tongue Tale”