My Kind of Gym

No walls.
Fresh air.
Open sky.

The sound of gulls, or birds
to the music that threatens to drown my soul.

The shoreline that dares me to run along it’s edge
is a better training partner than 
the best athlete, I have met.
Sharp shells 
and smooth stones are more beautiful 
than mirrors 
and piercing eyes.

The salt mist, breeze-
a perfect welcome kiss, that greets my arrival.
Kinder than the impersonal hello from behind a front desk.

The sand beneath my feet,
assures me, supports me and sticks to me.
No trainer required.

Yet, He is there…
The Trainer of my soul.
He’s always present,
I am embraced by His transforming power and held captive by the beauty of His gaze.
His presence permeates this place.
Immersed by His grace.
Tears allowed, sometimes. 
Laughter and smiles.
Sand Angels.

If you catch me speaking out loud,
and wonder…
I am not alone.
Call me crazy-
I wonder as I wander, in awe.

My Coach you see is by my side- 
and I am taking in His 
wisdom and advice.
Oh, how He inspires me!

These days – that’s my kind of gym.

Thank you God, that you have built a gym that is beautiful with no membership fees, 
and the best equipment to work out with: this body that you yourself designed -to MOVE!

There is always a way to be active. It does not have to be within walls.

Friends, these pictures were taken today, in beautiful Narragansett, RI.
Except the smile which I took in the same place a few years back! 
Hope you enjoy. Remember to be a tourist wherever you live!
There is beauty to be discovered all around you!

Open your eyes!

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