A Great Cost

Thankful for those who serve, and have served to
secure the freedoms I enjoy.
Thanks To Those Who Serve

What should one say on a day that recognizes Veterans
who have served 
the country except a humble,
Thank You.
This is one of those times when thank you seems
hardly enough,
but I pray it will do.
I am thankful for those who have fought
and sacrificed,
to secure freedoms, I sometimes
forget are not available to many, and that have
come with
GREAT cost.
To secure rights which are twisted and employed and
by those who have received them without paying,
working or
 sacrificing, at all.
What can I say on a day like today except,
 Thank you.
May God, himself bring you peace and joy abundant and everlasting and
may you be filled with the love and grace that
secures your heart for eternity
to the Eternal One.

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