Childlike Faith

I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God
 like a little child will never enter it.
Luke 18:17
I have a picture of my daughter chasing a butterfly in our backyard,
when she was about three years old.
I love the picture and the sheer, oblivious,
 joy that she exhibited while she pursued the evasive, winged insect.
 Today I am thankful that I have a childlike faith.
A faith that is a gift from God. A faith that is both mature AND childlike.
 A faith that will not be extinguished by the “party pooper” people (as I like to think of them).
You know the kind, that can’t smile at stranger, or greet a fellow believer,
JUST BECAUSE you both have the same Father in Heaven.
I still chase butterflies.
I AM amazed at flying airplanes.
I stare up at the trees during Fall, eagerly anticipating falling leaves.
The wind is magical to me.
I sometimes eat snow.
look forward to Snow Days!
I have eyes to see and ears to hear.
Most of all,
I still run as fast as I can whether happy or sad-
Into the arms of my Jesus.
The beautiful picture on my Blog post today is called “Precious In His Sight”
 by the artist Greg Olsen, Click and visit his handiwork! I love this picture!

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  1. Beautiful. I'm sure the photo is lovely.I can't help but smile at strangers often, i'm sure the occasional one may think i'm odd!Who cares :-)Passing through for Beck Valley Book's blog hop & following you too.TToriaxo


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