When The Beach Calls

The beach often calls, sometimes I listen.
Not every day can be the kind of day where you actually follow the whim of the moment.
However, some days are meant to be a day just like this…
You swing your feet out of bed and when they hit the floor, you’re moving before your mind is comprehending the fact that you’re awake. The coffee maker seems slow, your husband’s running late (did you remember to make his lunch?) and you know that if your child makes the bus…something will be missing from that backpack and you will be heading off to the school. You look at the clock and realize there is no way you are getting a quiet time. You are starting to wonder if “quiet time” is actually the time you spend watching the birds while you do the dishes or the time you find yourself sitting alone… in the bathroom (where else do you get any alone time?) for a few moments, without interruption from man, beast nor child. By the time you return from the additional last minute errands, and walk back into your corner of the earth called home, you breathe and realize you are actually alone, with one lone hour to call your own. What will you do? You realize, there is laundry, dinner and probably a workout that should happen. It’s a beautiful day. Sunny, blue sky and comfortably clear. You stand in the middle of your kitchen, as if on pause. Sweet silence surrounds you. Then you hear it. The call. The thought of the seaside comes into your mind. You listen and hear, “Come to me”. So much to do…the bus will be home soon. You wonder if you can make it. Yes. The laundry will still be there, you are close enough to the beach to make it. Why would you hesitate. Grabbing a few things, you jump in the car and head to the shore, thankful for the closeness of this beautiful escape. You imagine catching up with your journal, or reading, or perhaps a walk (that counts for exercise, right?). You want to continue to squeeze everything you can from this day.

You arrive. The sand greets you. The warm, shiny, granules sparkle up at you as you step into the soft beauty of the present moment. The clear blue sky, you notice is such a picturesque shade, as if to be about the specific business of impressing those blessed to be visiting at this time. You walk with senses that suddenly seem to be heightened. Alert. You feel alive and peacefulness comes upon you as you gaze at the waves rolling in to meet you. You smile a serene smile. The morning fades away into memory as you throw your blanket down, grateful you were crazy enough to succumb to the whim of the the moment. You stand and assess your surroundings. You take a deep breath of the salt air. You come one step closer to immersion into the creation before your appreciative eyes. Your soul feels full. The waves, sand, sky and sounds draw you in as you choose to plop down on the blanket and save the walk for later…or another time. It feels good to be still. Stretched out for the first time, supine, the sun applauds you. At last you have given yourself over completely to rest. Light, fluffy, white Cirrus clouds stray ever so gently against the sky’s backdrop, seemingly observing your stillness.
Summer has passed, a few rambling folks explore the shore but otherwise you welcome the solitude. A little boy chases the gulls, while his father takes photos. Mom seeks treasure along the waters’ edge. The peace that embraces you is impenetrable. They all seem distant yet lovely to watch.
You wonder why such moments can’t be bottled and sold. Such moments are priceless. Sitting up, you watch and listen, hungrily drinking in the scenery without feeling pressured by time, yet aware that this moment must end. You stand, reaching down into the gritty softness of the sand for a few rocks. Mementos of the serendipitous moment in time, today, when you heard the beach call – and you heeded.

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Dawn Paoletta is a life enthusiast who loves to juggle words, chug coffee, and journal excessively. You can find her gathering stones on the beach most mornings. She enjoys hanging out with her hubby, daughter and family pets in Narragansett, RI and shares her passion, poetry and prose @Enthusiastically, Dawn.

4 thoughts on “When The Beach Calls

  1. Dawn, I TRULY cannot believe this. I didn't turn on my computer until very late last night and then only to write my post for today. I couldn't find my camera and figured I'd wait until the morning to download my pics and such. I checked a few emails and then went to bed. I JUST finished reading this post of yours. I don't know what to say, my dear. Seems as if the Lord was calling out to both of us yesterday for a much needed intimate and beautiful quiet time with Him. And oh my word…I'm cracking up and shaking my head over your bathroom comment. I can relate all too well with that one! Thank you for a picture perfect, beautiful and rejuvenating post.Blessings,Pam


  2. Dawn, thanks so much for inviting me to read this…it captures the essence of what I experienced so well. Luckily, this week, it was minus the dash down – a gracious friend loaned me his house for 3 days and I was up at dawn on each of them to drink in as much as possible knowing it would all end far to soon. I feel closer to God by the water – a kinship with the waves – no idea why that is, but it's so. What state are you in? It does seem that God was speaking in similar ways to you and Pam and I this week! Also, I've visited your page before and I just love the background as well as the content 🙂


  3. Toni, I too have a kinship with the ocean's waves! I am in Rhode Island, and so enjoy both your blog and Pam's – you both have blessed me greatly in your sharing as well as commenting! ANd I STILL can't comment on my own BLOG! lol ANonomously only! Yet, still I AM In His Grace,Dawn!


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