A Testimony

As I was going through some papers I came across a poem I wrote about my journey many moons ago…I thought I’d share it:
Visiting Pennsylvania

A Testimony
You called,
I listened and paused to look your way
busy chasing my own dreams, not ready to obey.
Barely hesitating, uncertain in my glance,
Surely I ‘m not worthy – so I left my life to chance
You called again,
this time I stopped and pondered on your truth.
I contemplated, as you waited-
patient through and through.
You watched me in my blindness
falter, stumble and fall.
You watched with loving, longing eyes but I couldn’t comprehend it all.
You reached to me from heaven,
and tried to lift me up-
how sad I didn’t understand the blood within the cup.
Still, you did not give up…
I stood my ground stubbornly.
Full of pride and confidence,
I clung to my own ignorance
thinking ” I can do this on my own”.
So satan smiled for a little while,
another sinner lost– and far from home.
But…the love of Jesus!
Crucified, for me he died- Yes, even me!
Humbly, I fell to my knees,
at last the realization,
no more need for contemplation.
Jesus has made me see! Jesus has set me free!
In His name is my victory.
Now, I give thanks every day.
I praise the Lord, I thank the Lord,
for His Son who is The Life, The Truth, The Way.
I lay down my life, I give it all to Him –
 in His name I live and pray.
To God be the Glory,
In Jesus name, Amen.
Well Happy Sunday friends, and may His light shine in, through and upon you!

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