Sometimes It’s Scary

Have you ever been venturing into uncharted territory in life, happily plodding along trusting God, figuring faith has you covered when all of a sudden 
POW:  fear clobbers you like an iron pan to the head and suddenly amidst the stars circling around, you remember that you have no business in this new, unknown land anyway and you better get your tush straight on outta here before something worse happens. Yup, that was me as I perused some wonderful Faith Blogs and considered some guest contributing opportunities to share, learn, network and grow. All of a sudden I was reading the details and suddenly I went from inspired to downright conspired against! I felt like I had just seen those “Giants” that were “Grasshoppers” in Joshua’s & Caleb’s eyes. I FELT like the grasshopper in a land of giants and suddenly my portion seemed very small. Well if that isn’t enough to send me running right to my Father’s feet I don’t know what is. I need to remember that with the Lord with me I can do all things through Him. I think this is an important verse to cling to when I am stepping out in faith following Him. I need to understand there are times when it might seem scary. I think back to Israel’s history and so often they were looking at scary circumstances. But they also saw the Lord their God make a way where there was no way. I feel these days I am on a similar journey. Do I hearken back to the familiar, comfortable and known safety of the past or do I continue to step out and see God’s mighty hand provide, guide and lead me into a new place of faith and life I have not yet known. I do not have answers yet. Just hints, whispers and a path I have yet to see clearly. The result of this is my eyes are on the One who leads. I dare not take them off of Him, because this is what He desires of me. This is the only way for me to “Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway”, as the title of a book I read years ago by Susan Jeffers states. This is the path I must follow. It is an unknown path to me but not to the One I am following.
May I keep my eyes fixed on Him as He leads me. May I be found faithful. May I fight the good fight and bring glory to His name, not by power, nor by might but by His Spirit. May your fears, friends, also fall by the wayside in the light of His Truth and Holy Power.
  May all your perceived giants be but the grasshoppers they truly are when you realize, accept and acknowledge the God of the Universe is standing by your side. Let us walk into this uncharted territory together, by faith into the beautiful land filled with milk and honey that the Lord is calling each of us to.
Words of encouragement from THEN for NOW and ALWAYS: 
Numbers 14:5-9,
Deuteronomy 31:6, 8,
Philippians 4:13, 3:13-14
Psalm 56:3-4

Take a deep breath of faith and press on to your own high calling!
Enthusiastically Yours,


Home, Sweet Home!

I have just returned from a wonderful family vacation and am looking forward to sharing my latest life revelations, once unpacked! Priorities, after all. But, truthfully, I enjoyed all that God allowed on my recent trip to Maine and did not even have ONE inspirational thought for this blog while I was there. But you know there really is always more going on beneath the surface. Since writing is such an integral part of my life, like breathing, it is rare for me to go a day without a pen stroke. I remember years ago I had a quote on my bulletin board that read ( To this day I cannot find it anywhere!) something like: ” A writer needs to live, live, live. Read, read, read and write, write, write.” So during this vacation I focused on all of the above! The living part was filled with trying new things and experiencing many blessings. I still need time to digest and reflect on the beauty of this gift God gave our family and me personally. I did this regularly, as I sat on the beach in the mornings looking over the beauty of the mountains, but I kept most of my writing to detailed journal entries capturing the experiences we had daily. I purposed to really be available and present completely every moment. In this day and age that is a challenge! Fortunately one of the blessings was no TV, computer or cell phone service (for the most part). What a wonderful gift for our family. Of course there was a portable DVD player for a rainy day movie and some of our camping friends had TV for some chill time for kids who wanted a little plug in time. But for the most part we just were able to enjoy what each day brought, together. Of course, I did get to peruse two wonderful booksellers while on vacation and I was able to get a couple of very old books. Even though I had my Kindle with me and  I also had books from home  I still found new books to procure. Perfect. So writerish, right? Or should I say, write?
This week allowed me to truly recreate the way the Lord wants. Recreation should be time spent being “re- created”. Vacation as well as daily quiet times allow this to be time spent renewing, refreshing and replenishing my vision, creativity, enjoyment of life and love for others.
Sometimes the best thing we can do in life is the very thing God has before us RIGHT NOW! In the midst of harried lives, He brings stillness, peace and rest. Sometimes we miss out because we are tuned out, burnt out, distracted or mentally unavailable. This is not God’s will anytime for us, but a vacation really can remind us of how blessed we are and also help us appreciate and say with satisfaction today, “Home, sweet home” and really mean it. Because dear ones, home is wherever the Lord has us right now- we are always “at home” with Him who gave His life for us.

Posing with my bookstore find!
“The writer’s duty is to keep on writing…” William Styron

Well rest assured- God is faithful and He did show me some things worth sharing even while I was on vacation. As we drove home the words and thoughts were already forming in my mind, much to my own surprise. I pulled out the notebook and pen and began to write (Fear not, friends my husband was driving!). Such is the way of the writer’s life. That particular draft will be shared within the next day or two. SO please be sure and stop back here. Until then, make sure you do keep digging beneath the surface…
One more thing:

In case any of you missed my post on Melinda Todd’s sight “Trailing After God”  I wanted to put a perma-link (I think this is it below- give it a try) to the Trailing After God guest post.
Enthusiastically Yours,

Lessons From A Dog’s "Ruff" Life


A few years ago we adopted a dog from a rescue in Arkansas- of all places,
and he has been teaching me lessons on life, 
love and TRUST ever since he came to live with our family on that fateful day. 
I have really never trusted dogs, although I love all animals. 
I confess I have been biased towards cats most of my life as far as the domestic arena goes. 
I have kept company with many greats, there is no doubt about it and faithful companions they have been. But my focus for this post is really a dog not cats and how one particular dog is teaching me
Dogs to me have always seemed more unpredictable – I just did not trust them. 
Of course part of this belief came from my lack of firsthand experience with dogs.
 I can read cats well.
I have studied them with delight and although many believe them to be less loyal than dogs, 
I have found this to be completely inaccurate. 
They just don’t do the “pack” thing. 
They do everything on their own terms but they are not completely uninterpretable. 
You just have to know where to scratch and understand that claws and teeth 
are loving playfulness as well as angry expression. 
I remember telling my very possessive cat Arnold 
(named after Arnold Schwarzenegger– the bodybuilder not the Governor-at the time) 
while pregnant with my daughter, 
“You must love the baby”.
 He did. 
I have pictures of them and she dragged the newly tolerant Arnold everywhere 
and he never lifted a claw or bared a tooth at my baby! 
When she would cry, he would sit on the end of the bed and cry. 
It was crazy!
But there came a time when my girl decided a dog was needed.
 Little did I know the sweet mutt that would come into our lives 
would ensnare my heart and turn me into a (forgive me felines) true dog lover. 
Looking back I really didn’t think he was the cutest dog.
 But there was this look in his eyes I could not forget.
 I just so wanted the right dog for our family. 
It was about trust; this dog had to be good with cats, my girl and trustworthy to me. 
I didn’t trust him at the start. He didn’t trust me. 
We had to earn each other’s trust. 
It took time. 
It also meant learning about one another. 
In the beginning if I walked near his food bowl, he would growl. 
It took time for him to realize that I wanted to give him good things not take them away. 
It took time for Banjo to learn who his family was. 
It also took time for him to know that he had a safe place with us. 
We all need a safe place to be…with people.
 Sometimes we lose our trust in people because of what we experience and we stop believing that there is a place of safety. 
As I watched our new furry family member struggle and learn to trust I saw so much of my own struggle with trusting others. 
Banjo had good reason not to trust. 
He was abandoned.
 Was he abused? 
Was he fearful during the long nights? 
Did some crazy territorial farmer take pot shots at him as he padded across his property? 
Whatever the case,  I know it took time, communication and love to earn his trust.
 I relate to our “pup’s” baggage, but right now he is in a safe place, with a loving family. 
I see so much of the providence of God in his little rescue story. 
I see so much of my own struggle learning to trust a good, completely trustworthy and faithful God because of life experiences. 
I have been that growling dog baring my teeth 
when I feared  “my portion” would be taken.

But I have learned to trust the one 
who gives the portion that truly satisfies.
So thankful that God rescued me!
I will be on vacation for 1 week and hope to return with a fresh breath of faith to share!
In the meantime- keep digging beneath the surface,

Winter morning watching the waves.

 Here is the Link to the Rescue we got our Banjo as well as his foster mom Janice’s place:

The Unlikely Bloom: His Purposes Prevail

The Unlikely Bloom in all it’s Glory!
Coffee in hand “Bible Bag” in tow, I headed off to my early morning quiet time in the seclusion  of my lovely and much appreciated back patio. This is the place where I meet the Lord in the Summer as I sit and watch all of the bustling and entertaining activities His creatures perform for an audience of one. Well two, really. This morning was not unlike the other beautiful mornings. I come. He comes. I listen for His still, small voice. Sometimes I hear Him clearly, sometimes not at all. Some days I pour my heart out, other days I ponder all He is showing and teaching me. I read His word, reflect on His generous love and mercy, pray for those that come to mind and meditate on His truth. Often he uses the simplest things to offer the most profound insights and lessons. Sometimes the lessons are gentle, other times harder to swallow. Always they are measured out in love and grace, never in condemnation. He is not the bringer of that, that is not the way of the Teacher, but the way of man. This morning I was overjoyed to see the first Sunflower bloom towering jubilantly over the birdbath in the backyard. This is a much anticipated flower, you see because it was not intended by me, my husband or anyone else for that matter. And yet there it was from seed to flower without, effort, intention or attention from us. It truly is one of my very favorite flowers and much to our surprise God has intended that there should be quite a few of the lovelies billowing, beautifully from this place for the birds and my utter, glorious joy!
The first!
You see, the past few years we have been feeding the birds with abundance and plenty of Sunflower Seeds have been shelled, shucked, plucked and pecked during this time. At first the stalks were thought to be weeds but this Summer they have shot up with supernatural strength and speed. I remember the mess of shells at the base of the feeder and thinking to myself what a mess was left. But I knew the birds and other sweet critters (my family calls me  Snow White) had been regularly feeding through the seasons. Both my Mom, who lives with us,  and I, so enjoyed providing for them we could not be bothered about the messiness of their eating habits. So instead of a mess, now what I see is the most unlikely blooms where love was planted and a sweet reminder of how God’s purposes prevail in the end.

Pre-flower- anticipating the blooms to come.

Look at the birds of the air ; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable then they?  ~ Matthew 6:26

It does not, therefore, depend on man’s desire of effort but on God’s mercy.  ~ Romans 8:16

Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,
because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the
law of sin and death.  ~ Romans 8: 1-2

Well, I am truly blessed and feel kissed by Him, today!
Enthusiastically &  In His Grace- I remain,

Notice the smaller stalks to the right!
A harvest of Blessing to come!

Lord, let me remain in you, remember that your purposes prevail
and in the end what remains is love. All else will be gone, pulled up by the roots.
(prayer based on Matthew 15:13) 
I am linking this post today anew with Emily and friends at Imperfect Prose. 
April 25, 2012

"I Am That Woman" on Trailing After God

1993 in Florida “posing” for a professional photographer at a physique show.

Well friends, today I am thankful to guest post on a sister’s Blog.
Please check it out and be sure to let me know what you think!
Thank you Melinda Todd for the opportunity to share my heart
and also for being the courageous woman of God you are!
Check out her story, website and my Guest Post here : I Am That Woman
(Archives July 18, 2011)
In His Grace for His Glory!
Remember, there is always more…beneath the surface! Don’t settle for less- Keep digging!
Enthusiastically, Dawn

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